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February is National Cherry Month
Feb 08
Learn the history of National Cherry Month. Also check out this quick National Cherry Month Video
Jun 08

Tart cherries offer a number of pain relieving properties including Anthocyanins. These are powerful phytochemicals that offer natural relief for pain and inflammation. Over the past few weeks, we have been compiling new research and information on the tart cherry. I wanted to share this information in an informative video.  This video specifically addresses the pain relieving properties of the tart cherry. The benefit of the video is it explains some of the great things the cherry can do. In addition, it provides some excellent insight to the secret behind this Michigan, grown super fruit. Take a peek at this...

Jan 06
Start 2014 with Quick and Easy Weight Loss and Healthy Eating Tips
Dec 09

Over the past few weeks we have been asking our customers and new visitors to our website to send in questions they would like us to answer and the response has been great. Today, I would like to share with you a video we made on what makes cherry juice so good you. This is in response to telephone call we received from Martha D. from Seal Beach, CA. During the call I was talking with Martha about cherry juice and the benefits it products. She mentioned that she was familiar with then benefits of cherry juice, but want to...

Jun 26
Traverse Bay Farms include in New Book
May 31
Tart cherry juice concentrate
May 31
Traverse Bay Farms Get Mentioned in Newspaper
May 19
14 Vital SuperFoods from Traverse Bay Farms
Feb 14
Dr Fitness with Fruit Advantage Cherries
Nov 15
See what cherry juice orchards like from space.
Nov 13
Tart Cherry Antioxidants Remain Body for 12 Hours
Nov 11
See how concentrated cherry juice made from Michigan grown tart cherries. Enjoy a glass of concentrated cherry juice today with free shipping when you order 6 bottles of tart cherry juice concentrate.
Nov 01
Tart Cherry and the Sweet Cherry
Oct 30
See how the tart cherry is harvested - Enjoy a glass of tart cherry juice concentrate today with Traverse Bay Farms.