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Tart cherry juice concentrate

A fresh crop of tart cherry juice concentrate will soon be able. As the 2011 harvest fast approaches, the cherries from this year will soon be harvested, processed and packed into a number of different products including cherry juice concentrate. This means in only a few months the latest batch of this tasty fruit drink will be available. The harvest in Northern Michigan usually takes place in Mid-July until the end of July. What many people may not realize is the National Cherry Festival that is held in Traverse City, Michigan AKA "The Cherry Capital of the World" actually imports cherries for the festival from State of Washington. Traverse City is located about 35 miles northwest of our corporate headquarters in Bellaire, MI. This is done more often than many people realize. The reason that this is done is the Cherry Festival was created to allow the farmers and their crews to celebrate the upcoming harvest. In addition, a number of the local towns in the area also have a number of summer events before and after this exciting festival in Traverse City. To learn more about this exciting event, u-pick-cherries and cherry juice, visit our home page.
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