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Traverse Bay Farms Gets Mentioned in Newspaper

Traverse Bay Farms was mentioned in a New Buffalo, Michigan newspaper on Mayy 25. One of our customers just called us up and told us that we were included in a local newspaper in Southern Michigan. The article was about the Rieki Center and how they use therapy as a relaxing path the balance and wellness. The Reiki Center uses our tart cherry products in their therapy to help their clients to achieve maximum results.  Here is the qoute that mentioned our company: "The Reiki Center offers products to enhance and maintain a natural approach to wellness such as Herbal Female Tonic, a whole-herb formula compounded by Doctor of Naturopathy Karen Edwards for female health and balance. The Center also sells a wide selection of Nature’s Sunshine and Traverse Bay Farms tart cherry products." It's very exciting to mentioned in a clients newspaper article and just as exciting when a mutual customer of the Reiki Center and of our calls us and tells us we are in newspaper. If you are in the New Buffalo area and want to learn more about the service they offer, please contact the Reiki Center for more information or to schedule an appointment, call (269) 469-6400 or visit the Web site at Here is a link to the article to learn more: Traverse Bay Farms Cherry Juice
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