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Tart Cherries and Pain Relief

Tart cherries offer a number of pain relieving properties including Anthocyanins. These are powerful phytochemicals that offer natural relief for pain and inflammation. Over the past few weeks, we have been compiling new research and information on the tart cherry. I wanted to share this information in an informative video.  This video specifically addresses the pain relieving properties of the tart cherry. The benefit of the video is it explains some of the great things the cherry can do. In addition, it provides some excellent insight to the secret behind this Michigan, grown super fruit. Take a peek at this video below and I look forward to your comments. In addition, be on the lookout for a number of additional videos to our YouTube channel, too. We'll be uploading a number of new video we've created. They will be educational, fun and most importantly how you can enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle with our super fruit, anti-oxidant-rich products. I look forward to your comments on this video. In addition, feel free to check out all of our free shipping offers on our a number of our products including concentrate cherry juice, dried fruit, tart cherry capsules and more.
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