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Traverse Bay Farms July 2015 Catalog

Wow, it's almost tart cherry harvest. As we get closer to the harvest, we'll keep you updated on the overall production of this year's crop. As mentioned a few weeks ago, we had a freeze for a few nights during the vital blooming of the blossoms. The crops did lose some production, but we'll let spread the word as we learn more. In the meantime, we just completed our Traverse Bay Farms July 2015 catalog including our tart cherry products. In addition, we include some addition information in this edition of the our catalog. Here is a brief overview of what we've included:
  • Natural Arthritis Remedy
  • How a cherry goes from Blossom to Bottle
  • Free Shipping Offers on our Tart Cherry Products
  • And more...
Check out this link to the Cherry Harvest July 2015 Traverse Bay Farms catalog Traverse Bay Farms Cherry Harvest Catalog
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