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The Next Best Cherry Juice Move

[caption id="attachment_927" align="alignleft" width="200"]Cherry_Juice Cherry_Juice_Fruit_Advantage_Cherry_Juice[/caption] The 2015 cherry harvest season has come to an end and until next year the fresh produce will not be available. In the meantime, all of the harvested cherries will be used to produce a number of different cherry-based products including tart cherry juice concentrate, cherry capsules, IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) cherries and cherry salsa, just to name a few. As many in the cherry industry are turning their attention to the production of this ruby-red super fruit, I would like to share another line of thought with you. This is the next best move for cherry juice. By the best cherry juice move, I am referring to food trends and how they related to cherry juice. One of the key trends in the food industry is people what to know more about the food they are consuming. They want to know the origin of the food they are eating. They what to know where it is grown and produced. Finally, the trend also points to the fact that many American's what to consume local, regionally and USA grown food. The reason is simple. The United States offers the most stringent food regulations on the world and this is a good thing. You see, when consumers eat food, or drink cherry juice, that is imported from other countries, they are hoping the food regulations are as strict as in the United States and sometimes this isn't always true. Case-in-point, is the fake baby milk that was imported from China in 2013. Unfortunately, this fake Chinese baby milk caused dozens of deaths. While, I'm not saying this is across all types of food and every imported food product isn't what is claims to be, but it helps to support my point of the outstanding regulation in the United States when it comes to food and the public health. So I believe one of the trends in the cherry juice industry, will be where the cherries are grown and produced. One of the benefits of enjoying a glass of Montmorency tart cherry juice daily is you know you are getting only Montmorency cherry juice and nothing else. In addition, we have never imported tart cherry juice from China, Turkey or Poland to produce our product. You'll find our labels state "Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate". One trend in the industry is other products are only state "Tart Cherry Juice" on the label without stating the word "Montmorency". The reason is this important is much research that you read about the health benefits of this Michigan-grown fruit has been conducted on the Montmorency variety. While, I'm not saying other research hasn't been conducted on other varieties of cherries, but most of the published research has been on the Montmorency or tart variety. So in a nutshell, the next best cherry juice move will be consumers looking for Michigan grown cherries, not imported cherries, to produce the juice and looking for companies that make label claims stating "Montmorency". This way consumers know exactly what they are drinking everyday. Check out the nutrition information our label. Best_Cherry_Juice_Nutrition
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  • George Williams

    Really interesting post. My doctor recommended your concentrated tart cherry and I ordered some and I am glad I did. I have helped my arthritis pain since.

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