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Traverse Bay Farms include in New Book

If you are looking for an all-inclusive source of natural cures and home remedies you can't afford to miss the recently published booked entitled: Treasury of Natural Cures and Home Remedies. This excellent book was written by the Wilen Sisters (Joan and Lydia) and published by the New York publisher Bottom Line. Bottom Line is one of the world's leading publishers in a number of different arenas including the health area. Their publications include Bottom Line Health and more. Treasury of Natural Cures and Home Remedies contains over 300 pages including several paragraphs about tart cherries. In addition on page 236 and 237, the authors have include information ab0ut Traverse Bay Farms. This not only reforces the qaulity of our products but natural health benefits of our cherries products including dried cherries, tart cherry juice and cherry capsules. I have include a link to an informative video to share more with you about the excellent book and our products included in the book.
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