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Black cherry concentrate juice

Should I buy sweet black cherry juice concentrate or the tart (red or sour)? That is the question many people may be asking themselves on a daily basis. As more and research is published about the amazing natural health benefits this tiny fruit, what should people do who are interested in drinking it for its advantages. Here are a few things people should look for when purchase cherries for good health. The first is to read as much published research as possible. The more published research the better when it comes to natural health. The reason is this research is usually some of the best and unbiased information available. Also, it provides insight and in-depth detail about this up-n-coming super fruit. While both the black and the tart have published research, however of late it is the tart that has more quantity of research conducted and published. This means a lot of researchers are seeking to learn more about this fruit. Secondly, the sour also has less naturally occurring sugar in it. So if you are looking for food with less sugar consider the sour drink. The sugar content in the red is about 1/3 less per serving. Although is may vary from crop to crop and year to year, this will give you a framework to get started with. Finally, look for concentrate that is sediment-free. This means you don't have any breakdown of the concentrate. A breakdown could be caused with poor quality product, an inferior bottling process or any number of other issues. Here is a video that further explains the natural health benefits of the juice. The Black Cherry vs the Tart Cherry
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