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Can Changes in the Weather Cause Joint Pain?

Can Weather Changes Cause Joint Pain?The skies are clear and blue with only a few white clouds in the distance; however your knees start to hurt and your ankles are feeling some slight pain, too. Could the change in the weather actually cause pain in your joints? Believe it or not, changes in barometric pressure can actually cause changes in your body. Here is what Carol K., from Louisville, KY recently said, “With all of the weather changes this summer, going from hot to cold and back again, my legs are aching” So what are the facts behind barometric pressure and how it could cause changes and pain in your body? While the research is still ongoing, there is some strong evidence that weather may affect joint pain and increase symptoms. So let’s take a closer look at the reason why weather changes could affect your joints. For example, as a low pressure front approaches it forces air to rise and as it rises the air begins to cool. As it cools, the air condenses and makes clouds and potentially rain. Thus, when low pressure approaches, it usually indicates inclement weather is on the way. As the air pressure around you is lowering, the barometric numbers also decline. On the other hand, calm weather is accompanied by a high pressure front. As a high pressure front approaches it forces air down and actually prevents the creation of clouds and thus clear skies. So as the barometric pressure changes outside, this could potentially have an impact on the pressure inside your body. Thus, it could have an effect on healthy joints and cause pain. So is this folklore or backed by science? While the jury is still out on concrete evidence, check out this recently conversation I had with a long-time customer Tim H, from Chicago, IL. He called use to other day to place an order for more cherry juice concentrate. During the call he said the weather was really “doing a number on his joints”. He also shared a great memory about is grandmother, too. During the telephone conversation, he said his grandmother somehow always knew when a storm was approaching. Here is the memory that he shared with me on the phone. After hearing his memory I asked him if I could write it down so I could share his story about his grandmother with all of our customers. He agreed and here is what he said: “My grandmother always would always let us know when a storm was approaching. I still remember her calling me up while I was in college and telling me to make sure my car windows where rolled up because a storm was approaching. She always said she could “feel the storm in her bones.” Being younger I didn’t appreciate the wisdom she was sharing, but I sure do now. After all of my years, I now know exactly when a storm is approaching and every time I feel the weather change and the pain in my leg, I always think of Meme.” I know here in cherry country in Northern Michigan, the weather has changed from extremely hot days with temperatures over 80 degrees to dropping to 50 degrees a few days later. It seems whenever I speak with our customers across the country, no matter their location, the rapid weather change always seems to be part of the conversation. As the weather rapidly goes from hot to cold and from high pressure to low pressure, our customers are feeling pain in their healthy joints and body. So the next time you feel an ache in your healthy knee or ankle, keep an eye out, there may be a storm just over the horizon. Also, check out tart cherry juice or tart cherry capsules for your joints, too.
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