Simple Ways to Manage Arthritis

Simple Ways to Manage Arthritis
Jan 18

Managing Arthritis

There are many natural remedies to ways to manage arthritis pain including natural remedy practices, herbal medications, as well meditation techniques. 

Published research shows while there is no cure for this issue, there are a number of different methods to prevent it from worsening, due to inflammation and arthritic pains.

For many who live through arthritis and joint pain, preventing this condition may feel like an uphill battle. However, it can be managed and maybe even prevented in getting worse. That’s what a number of people fail to realize when they get first get the news they are afflicted with this condition.

Some may conclude, just because there is not immediate cure for it, they can’t prevent it from getting worse, but this is not true. In today’s post, we are actually going to be taking a look at how to prevent this condition from getting worse.

Enjoy Some Fish

Enjoy fish on a regular basis is one way to reduce inflammation naturally. The reason is fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have been shown to help in reducing inflammation throughout your body.

Omega-3 fatty acids help to interfere with enzymes called cytokines and cells called leukocytes. The consumption of fatty fish is an ideal way to nip inflammation naturally at the cellular level before it starts. Research suggests people who eat fish on a regular basis enjoy lower inflammation throughout their body.

However, not all fish is the same. Here is a brief overview of the types of fish high in Omega-3s.

  • Salmon
  • Lake Trout
  • Tuna
  • Sardines
  • Mackerel

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Controlling Your Weight

Published research suggest that maintaining a healthy weight helps to reduce your changes of developing diabetes. For many individuals suffering from diabetes also have arthritis. If you develop one, you could be at a higher risk to get the other.

In addition, as your weight increases, it places additional stress on your knees. The knee joints will tend to break down as your weight increases. Thus, controlling your weight offers several health-related benefits.

Getting Enough Exercise

It’s always easy to say get enough exercise, but with today’s hectic and busy lifestyle, the reality is usually vastly different.

With everything going on, it can be hard to have enough time to get ready to work out, then workout, then cool down after the workout and take a shower.

All those steps can easily add up to over an hour or more. With all the other stuff on your daily to-do list, getting up at 5:00AM to workout seems very daunting. Even if you can’t fit in a 60-minute workout, here are some simple ideas to help:

  • Park a few spaces further from the entrance to your office or the grocery store. This way you will walk a few steps before you enter the building.
  • If you have time, make it a point to walk down every aisle in the grocery store. This may only add a few extra minutes to your shopping trip, but it could also burn off some additional calories.

Check out this simple exercises you can do while seated

By following these simple ideas daily, you are teaching your joints and muscles to become stronger. Soon you will find yourself seeking out additional way to enjoy a longer walk.

Best of all, daily exercise will help your bones to not be so brittle and weak. This helps to lower your risk of developing arthritis.

Also, did you know, tart cherry capsules may help to soothe sore joints and muscles, too.

Make sure to check with you doctor before you start any new exercise routine.

Try to Avoid Injury

Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to avoid an injury. Freak accidents do happen, I realize that, but the main things to remember is watch out where you walk or ride a bike.

Try to avoid places and terrain that is rocky, tapered off and so on. Also, be observant in places with wet floors including a bathroom, kitchen or other potentially slippery area. A lot of it is simply using your common sense.

Throughout your life, your joints will tend to wear out. Everyday usage simply brings normal wear and tear. It is something we cannot control. What we can control is how we live our lives and careful about areas with potential slip possibility.  

Also, check out the benefits of drinking cherry juice, too.

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