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Media Appearances

As Seen in Hollywood and Media Appearances for Traverse Bay Farms

Our products and services are frequently featured on television, radio, magazines and nationally published books. Here are a few of the television, radio, books and magazines our products have been seen in.

Check out the videos to the left about just a few of the Traverse Bay Farms and Fruit Advantage appearances.

At-A-Glance: Type Of Media Appearances

Television Appearances (National, Regional and Local)
Nationally Published and Distributed Health Books
Nationally Published and Distributed Magazines
Regional and Local Radio Shows
Regional and Local Newspapers

Our Statistics

Mentions in Newspapers and Magazines*
Mentions on Radio and Blog Talk Radio Shows*
Appearances on Television*

Check Out What Hollywood Has Said About Us

Kevin Sorbo

Hollywood actor and producer. Appeared in Hercules, What If and other movies and series. 

    As Seen On Fox 11:

    Check out the entire segment - Fruit Advantage is near the end of the segment.

      Vincent DePaul:

      Hollywood actor and producer. Appeared in Mad Men and Walk a Mile in my Pradas

        Ryan Sherman

        Hollywood actor. Appeared in Megapiranha

          Chef Giuseppe

          Contestant on Chopped

            Chef Ted from "Chopped"

            Contestant on Chopped.