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Orchard of Health Cranberries

Discover the Health Benefits of Cranberries

Concentrated Cranberry Juice

Concentrated cranberry juice is an all-natural way to fight urinary tract infections. Did you know a urinary tract infections, as known as UTI, is the second most common type of infection. The most common type of human infection will be covered in another article. However, in the meantime, lets learn what causes UTI and then we’ll discover how drinking concentrated cranberry juice can help to fight it.

What causes a UTI?

Urine contains a number of different fluids and waste products and for the most part is usually free of any viruses, bacteria and is usually sterile. The start of an infection may occur when tiny organisms begin to adhere to urethra. The urethra is the tube that is the final part of the body the urine travels through before leaving. Most infections in this area of the body is caused by E. Coli (Escherichia coli). E. coli is basically linked back to bacteria found in the colon. The infection is usually begins in the urethra and many even move into the bladder.

Cranberries and Concentrated Cranberry Juice

Now that we have an idea of the cause, let’s learn how this fruit juice concentrate can help to maintaining a healthy urinary tract system. While there is no “exact” prescription how much of the juice to drink to combat this from happening drinking a single glass is way to get started. The main benefit of this purplish drink is it may be able to help stop the E. coli bacteria from actually sticking to the walls of the urinary tract.

While food researchers are still not 100% certain they know exactly how it works, but some research shows the cranberry juice concentrate actually alters the E. Coli bacteria. Additional studies, point to the fact it simply coats the walls of the urethra and makes it to slippery for bacteria to stick.

There are other natural health benefits that include its ability to prevent plaque build up in the mouth, thus reducing the amount of bacteria in the mouth and gums.

Some when looking to add this drink to your diet, consider the 100% pure unsweetened concentrated cranberry juice. Try not to get the sweetened type that is found in the grocery stores and mixed with a number of other fruit juice concentrates. Many of these have sugar added to them.