Arthritis and Driving: Tips for Ease

Arthritis and Driving:  Tips for Ease
Mar 06

With the warm weather fast approaching, many are looking for ways to get out of the house and enjoy a few hours on the open road. However, for many arthritis pain may stop them from enjoying their life.  Here are a few tips so you can enjoy some windshield time and see some great places and enjoy time with those you love.

#1: Keep arthritis pain relievers in the car. 

Place a few over-the-counter pain pills, a tube of arthritis cream, or on-the-go heat patches. Also, may keep tart cherry capsules with them, too. Did you know tart cherry capsules help to soothe sore driving muscles and are much easier to travel than cherry juice concentrate?

#2: Buy no slip steeling wheel covers. 

These simply fit over your steering wheel and may help you to grip the steering wheel with a more firm grip. The covers should be an easy grip and non-slippable steeling wheel cover.  Many auto stores will even install them for you at no additional cost.

#3: Keep a rubber jar opener in the car. 

If you suffer from arthritis in your hands, you likely already use rubber jar openers at home. They help to make griping and twisting easier.  Consider keeping one in your car, too. Use it to unscrew your car’s gas cap. 

#4: Take some snacks.

Enjoying a few snacks while driving make a trip extra enjoyable. Simple things like bottle water with some cherry juice mixed in, cheese and crackers and some dried cherries are excellent options to take with you.

#5: Keep your car well gassed.

While out enjoying the open road, try not to let your gas tank go below ¼ tank. The reason if you’re driving unfamiliar roads, it may be a while before you find a gas station. Also, nothing is more stressful than having your fuel light go off while driving on unfamiliar roads or sitting in an unexpected traffic jam.

As you can see, there are many steps that you can take to ease travel and car use.  Just because you suffer from arthritis and are prone to pain, it does not mean you should enjoy getting out and enjoy the wind in your face.

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