How to make cherry juice

Aug 26
We get a lot of phone calls and emails from customers, stores, doctors, nurses, etc. that contact us asking about the natural health benefits of tart cherries. Usually during the phone conversation or in the email correspondence we are asked how to make cherry juice. Many of our customers have told us that they have tried to make cherry juice at home by using fresh cherries, when they are in season or by using the IQF (individually quick frozen) or even the pie cherries (the ones in the can you can buy from the grocery store.) This product is used to make those great tasting cherry pies to enjoy after Thanksgiving dinner. However, making the liquid form of this fruit with the fresh, frozen or canned product can not only be extremely messy, but frustrating, too. So to keep it easy, clean and low cost, we suggest simply purchasing the concentrated cherry juice. In additon, we also mention that we have even put together a complete step-by-step video showing how quick and easy it really is to enjoy a crisp, refreshing glass of cherry juice. Best of all you can make it right in your own home kitchen. Check out this video to see how fast it really is:

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