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Making Cherry Juice Concentrate

Many people get started drinking cherry juice by first making cherry juice concentrate. The cherry juice concentrate is the first step when making the drinkable juice from Fruit Advantage. The reason why so many people enjoy making the cherry juice is it only tastes great but also packed full of powerful antioxidants to help maintain healthy joint function*, soothe sore muscles* due to physical exercise and even maintain a healthy night's sleep*. The little Michigan-grown, Montmoreny tart cherry has enjoyed a number of impressive published research from a number of leading medical universities and research organizations. This means as more people and researchers discover the health benefit of this tiny fruit many more will soon be enjoying it with every meal of the day. According the published research, it takes 100 cherries to make just one ounce of the cherry juice concentrate. So it is a super charged way to enjoy this tangy yet tasty red drink. The video above shows how to make a refreshing glass of the juice from the liquid concentrate.
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