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Pure Cherry Juice

What is Pure Cherry Juice? Over the past few years a number of new cherry juice-based products have been introduced to the marketplace. We, at Traverse Bay Farms and Fruit Advantage, firmly believe this is a good trend. This is not only good for the consumer but also the entire industry. The reason additional competition is good for the consumer is it provided additional product choices and the ability to compare product quality, pricing and consumer service. The reason addition competition is good for the entire cherry industry is this pushes companies to offer the best in pricing, product innovation and customers service.  Many of the new products being introduced in the marketplace combine the tart, yet tangy juice with other juices including apple, blueberry, pomegranate and more. I have even seen cherry juice blended with wheat grass and other vegetable-based products.  So with all of these products and new companies introducing new drink products what can customers do to ensure they are getting pure cherry juice? The areas to look is on the website and the product label. Unfortunately, some products have the words “cherry juice” in large letters on the front of the label, yet when you look at the ingredients on the back of the product label you may see other ingredients like blueberry, cranberry, apple, etc. This means that you are not getting 100% pure tart cherry juice. You are getting cherry with other juices added in. While there is nothing wrong with this, the consumer simply needs to be more diligent about getting pure cherry juice.
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