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Sour Cherries Benefits

In addition, to having less sugar it have higher amounts of melatonin and other important antioxidants that are vital to enjoying a healthy lifestyle. In fact, according to Dr. Russ Reter from the University of Texas, and referred to as the Dean of Melatonin, a serving of the tart or sour cherries contain about 75 ngs of melatonin. Thus, giving it the distinction of being Mother Nature’s #1 source of naturally occurring melatonin.  That is why many individuals with sleep concerns including swing shift workers, truck drivers and health care professional are eating this sour fruit to help get a more restful night’s sleep. However, to get the sour cherries health benefits you either need to eat the fresh fruit which is only available in your local grocery store for a few weeks during the summer harvest. To get the year round benefits of this tart fruit you can also drink the sour cherry concentrate, eat some of the dried fruit or even the extract. The extract is the dietary supplement form and can be easily sprinkled over yogurt, oatmeal or simply added to almost any recipe.
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