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Where to buy tart cherry juice

The popularity of this tangy red drink has exploded over the past several years, many are asking where to buy tart cherry juice. However, before I answer the question on buying this product, the more important issue is what qaulity of product should a customer be looking for when they do make a purchase. Here are the more important issues we believe customers should be aware of when making their buying decision. The first question is where do the concentrate actual come from? The answer to that question is it should come the place where the majority of the cherries are grow. Northern Michigan is the region of the US that approximately 70%+ of the cherries are grown. Our concentrate is from Northern Michigan grown tart cherries. The second question is does the product have a sediment-free guarantee? This is important since, in our opinion, it shows that qaulity of the overall final product. If the final product has floaties or segiment on the bottom of the bottle, what does this say about qaulity of this final product. They is was we are on the only company in the entire industry to offer a sediment-free guarantee. Finally, the packaging of the final product. We believe a high aciditic drink such as cherry juice should be bottled in glass bottles to prevent plastic leaching. This mean you don't have to worry about drinking plastic molecules when you purchase a bottle our refreshing drink. The reason is we only package in glass bottles from a leach-free guarantee. Up to this point we have made a few suggestions on what customers should look for when making the buying decision.  Here is a video further explaing the segment free guarantee of the Fruit Advantage products. Sediment-Free Tart Cherry Juice Video So the back to the original question of "where to buy tart cherry juice?". You can find the product from several companies at your local grocery store or purchase online. Many have turned to buying our Fruit Advantage products because they look for the same advantages our product offers.
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