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Arthritis and Driving: Tips for Pain-Free Driving



Individuals suffering from arthritis know that getting through the day can be a challenge without experiencing pain. Most don’t let arthritis stop them from enjoying their life. So, the next time you head out of the house and hop into your car, how do you treat arthritis pain while on the road?

In today’s world, driving is so much a part of our lives it makes since to learn about simple driving tips for those suffering from arthritis.

Check out these simple ideas:

Over-the-Counter Heating Patches

Most stores sell on-the-go heating patches. These are simply patches that stick to your body and begin to warm with skin contact.  These work great since they don’t need electricity or tossed in the microwave to heat up. In addition, you can take them with you while on-the-go. Most of these patches offer relief up to 12 hours. Best all, since they simply adhere to the skin, no adjustments should be needed.

On-the-Go with Tart Cherry Capsules

Ongoing research suggests Tart Cherry Capsules are a convenient way to fight joint pain naturally. They are packed full of powerful anthocyanins that help to reduce pain and inflammation. Tart cherry capsules are also more convenient while traveling compared to the tart cherry juice. You can simply toss them in your glove compartment, and they don’t refrigeration as does the Tart Cherry Juice

Published research indicate a minimum of 1000mg of tart cherry powder, which is used to make the cherry capsules, is needed to get the pain-relieving benefits of tart cherry capsules.

Each daily serving (2 capsules) of Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry Joint Formula Joint Formula delivers 1200mg of tart cherry. This is the most amount of tart cherry on the market. Finally, each daily dose delivers the whole cherry, minus the pit and stem, including the skin, pulp and the juice of the ruby red superfruit.

Buy a Remote Car Starter

If you live in the northern regions of the United States, stepping into a warm the car after a cold winter night offers the comfort of a heated environment from the moment you enter the car. Instead of stepping in to a frigid car, purchase a remote car starter.  This simple device allows you to start and warm your car from inside your home. Also, instead of standing outside of your car in cold weather, fumbling with the keys to unlock the door, a few simple clicks on the remote car start and your car is all heated up and ready to go.

No Slip Steeling Wheel Covers

Those who suffer from arthritis of the fingers and hand, dread driving.  In fact, some individuals actually fear the danger they put themselves and others in.  If you find it difficult to grip your car’s steering wheel, get an easy grip and non-slip steeling wheel cover.  Ask a store employee, family member, or friend to install the cover for you.

Keep a Jar Opener in the Car

Maybe you already utilize rubber jar openers at home. They are great since they help to make twisting and turning easier. Did you know they can also be used to unscrew your car’s gas cap. In addition, many auto parts stores sell arthritis gas cap wrenches. They are very easy to use. They simply slip over your gas cap.   

Keep Your Car Well Gassed

As mentioned above, there are tools specifically made for arthritis sufferers to make life more enjoyable. However, one of the best ways to control the pain of arthritis is to always have at least ¾ quarter tank of gas in your car.  This means, you won’t be forced to stop while you’ll out driving and put gas in your car when you are already in pain. Also, consider using a full-service gas station, too. Many of these stations don’t charge any more per gallon for this service.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are many things you can do to ease arthritis pain while you’re on-the-go. Get started today to reduce the pain while you are driving.

Check out these different ways to enjoy the pain relieving properties of the Tart Cherry:

- Tart Cherry Juice
- Tart Cherry Capsules
- No Sugar Added Dried Tart Cherries

Disclaimer: Consult your health care professional prior to making changes to your diet or eat new types of food. This is for informational use only.