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Blueberry Juice Concentrate Benefits: 10 Benefits of Blueberries

Blueberry Juice Concentrate Benefits: 10 Natural Health Benefits of Blueberries

If you are looking for a natural source of antioxidants and other health benefits grab some blueberry juice concentrate. Benefits include heart health, urinary tract health and brain health are just a few benefits of blueberry juice concentrate.

According to recently published research, blueberries and blueberry concentrate can be a foundation for creating a healthy lifestyle. In addition to drinking blueberry juice concentrate daily, many people are turning to the low-sugar blueberry powder.

#1: What are Blueberries?

Wild Blueberry Juice Concentrate BenefitsThis tiny blue superfruit is listed as one of Mother Nature’s top sources of naturally occurring antioxidants.  Blueberries (also known as Vaccinium sect. Cyanococcus) are grown on a bush. The cultivated blueberries are grown in a greenhouse, while the organic blueberries are grown in the wild.

Blueberries are commonly used in baking pies, jams, making jams and perseveres and making blueberry juice concentrate. Adding blueberries to a recipe is a great way to add some extra flavor or drizzle some blueberry juice concentrate to enjoy the overall flavor of any recipe.

Blueberries come in two types. Their are the high-bush blueberries (Cultivated) and the low-bush blueberries. The high-bush berries are larger in size. The low-bush blueberries are also called wild blueberries.

Blueberries and blueberry juice concentrate are dense in nutrients. 1-cup of berries contains the following:

A daily serving (1 cup – 148g) of fresh blueberries provides the following:

  • 84 Calories
  • 1.10 g protein
  • 21.45 g Carbohydrates
  • .49g Fat
  • Fiber: 4 grams
  • Vitamin C: 24% of RDI
  • Vitamin K: 36% of RDI

Fresh blueberries are packed with about 80% water. In addition, IQF (individual Quick Frozen) blueberries is what is used to make blueberry juice concentrate.

Health Tip:

Blueberry juice concentrate benefits the taste of yogurt, cereal and other recipes.

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#2: Blueberries are Nature’s Top Antioxidant Food

Low-bush blueberries are a rich source of antioxidants. Since the blueberry juice concentrate is made from the blueberry, this liquid form of the blueberry also delivers an amazing amount of free-radical fighting antioxidants. Blueberry juice concentrate contains the main antioxidant compound called flavonoids. This group of flavonoids belong to the polyphenol family.


#3: Slow Down the Aging Process with Blueberry Concentrate

The high antioxidant levels and antioxidant capacity in blueberry juice concentrate is credited with helping the body to fight free radicals. The presence of free radicals can damage cells in your body.

One published study had participants drink blueberry juice for four weeks. The final results showed the participants who drank the blueberry juice concentrate experienced 20 percent less DNA oxidative damage on their cells.   

#4: Blueberry Juice Concentrate Benefits Healthy Blood Pressure

Several studies have revealed eating blueberries helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. In one study, participants eat 50 grams of blueberries daily and after eight weeks, enjoyed a six-percent decrease in blood pressure levels. Drinking the blueberry concentrate is a great way to get the blood pressure benefits of blueberries, too.

Health Tip:
The organic blueberry juice concentrate can be difficult to take on the road with you, if you travel. Consider Wild Blueberry Capsules or Organic Blueberry Juice Concentrate Powder

Learn more about natural health benefits of Blueberry Juice Concentrate and Wild Blueberry Capsules in the video.



#5: Blueberries help maintain healthy brain function

Your brain is very susceptible to oxidative stress. Excess stress can accelerate the aging process of your brain. A number of studies have been conducted by dedicated food researchers on how blueberries help to improve the connection of neurons in your brain.

One blueberry juice concentrate study was conducted with nine older adults. The study lasted for 12-weeks. The results of study indicated those on the blueberry diet enjoyed improvement in brain function and health.

Another blueberry brain benefit study was conducted on 16,000 adults over a six-year period. The researchers found blueberries were linked in slowing the mental aging process by up to 2.5 years.

#6: Blueberry and healthy sugar levels

As in all fruit, fresh blueberries and a glass of blueberry juice concentrate contains naturally occurring sugar. For example one-cup of blueberries has 15 grams of natural sugar. This is about the same amount as blueberry concentrate. However, if you’re looking for less than a gram of sugar and still get the blueberry benefits, check out Blueberry Juice Concentrate Powder.

One study was conducted on 32 people. The researchers had participants consume two blueberry juice drinks daily. The results indicated it helped to maintain healthy insulin sensitivity.

#7: Blueberries Urinary Tract Infections.

Cranberries are widely known for UIT health. However, since blueberries are a close cousin to cranberries, the blueberry juice concentrate urinary tract infection benefits are very close.

Anti-adhesive properties found in cranberries are allow found in blueberries, too. This naturally occurring property helps to prevent E. Coli from sticking to the walls of the bladder.

#8: Blueberry Juice Concentrate Helps to Keep You Hydrated

A single glass of wild blueberry juice is made by mixing 1-ounce of the organic blueberry juice concentrate with 7-ounces of water. This makes an 8-ounce glass of 100% pure blueberry juice. Mixing in the blueberry concentrate helps many people to drink more water. With today’s hectic lifestyle, drinking adequate water amounts daily can be a challenge. Adding in a splash of blue juice concentrate is a tasty way to go.

Here are some simple ways to enjoy blueberry juice daily:

  • Add an ounce of blueberry juice concentrate to your water bottle
  • Premix a 32-ounce blueberry juice concentrate in your refrigerator
  • Keep a bottle of Fruit Advantage Blueberry Concentrate in your cabinet.


#9: How to buy the best blueberry Juice Concentrate

Here are some tips to help you to get the best blueberry juice concentrate for you and your family.

Look for USA-grown blueberry juice. Some brands selling organic blueberry concentrate import their product from Europe and China. We use USA-grown blueberries in our dried blueberries and more.

Look for a sediment-free guarantee. Sedimentation is the thick sludge that settles on the bottle of the bottom. Fruit Advantage Blueberry Juice Concentrate is the only blueberry concentrate to offer a sediment-free guarantee

#10: Consider Blueberry Capsules or Organic Blueberry Powder

If you want the benefits of blueberries, but not the sugar. Take a look at the wild blueberry capsules or the Organic Blueberry Juice Concentrate Powder. These are an excellent way to enjoy the power of the blueberry fruit juice as dietary supplements.