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Cherries Tart Cherry Juice

#1 Secret of Tart Cherry Juice Revealed

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If you’re looking to learn the #1 secret of cherry juice you can’t afford to miss this!

This tart cherry juice concentrate offers benefits to those looking for natural relief for achy joints, sore muscles and a better night's sleep,

Until recently this Michigan-grown fruit was only known to thoses living in Michigan and a few in the research community. However it is fast becoming the first choice for countless individuals seeking out natural remedies for everyday ailments. Thanks to Dr. Oz. and others helping to get the word about the tart cherry, many who only enjoyed this fruit in a cherry pie are now getting to use it for natural health benefits.

On this page, I would like to share with you the #1 secret that makes this fruit so powerful in helping individuals wanting to improve joint health, muscle health and get a great night's sleep.

The #1 secret is where this fruit is grown. The majority of the locations in the United States that grow the Montmorency tart cherry are located along the 45th parallel. The 45th surrounds the globe exactly halfway between the North Pole and the equator.

In fact, a number of the best fruit crops on the planet are grown on the 45th. From the famous Washington apples to the grapes of France, the one ingredient they have in common is they are on the 45th. Moving just 5 degrees in either direction greatly affects the climate, soil and weather pattern. 5 degrees to the north and it becomes too cold for all but the heartiest of crops, while 5 degrees south it becomes too hot for the majority of pulp and juicy fruits.

Now back to the orchards of Northern Michigan. It’s a combination of the climate, proximity to the Great Lakes and the sandy soil. In addition, the majority of the cherry orchards are dotted along the shores of Lake Michigan. The big lake actually helps to keep the temperature of the Arctic winds in check and actually keeps the orchards cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Once the fruit is harvested it must be cleaned, separated and processed. Since the early 1900’s the region has been ever improving itself to handling the delicate fruit. The region has numerous cleaning, processing and transportation centers. All of these facilities have one mission and that is to deliver the best fruit to consumers as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Once harvested, the tart cherry is then processed into dried fruit, cherry capsules, cherry juice and tart cherry juice concentrate. In addition, some fruit is placed into cold storage for future years. This helps to guard against any reduced harvests due to Mother Nature. So in a nutshell, the secret to the success of this fruit is not only the promotion of the product, but also the grown procedures, the gentle harvesting practices and most importantly is the quality of the fruit. This special region of Northwestern Lower Michigan has earned the nickname, “The Cherry Capital of the World” for good reason.