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Cherry Health Benefits

Cherry Health Benefits: At-A-Glance

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Is cherry juice a natural remedy? After conducting countless hours of research and talking with numerous customers, I would have to say yes.

When we started Traverse Bay Farms in 2001, not a lot of research information was available on the health benefits of cherry juice. Nor were there a lot of people familiar with this drink as a natural remedy for a number of health concerns. However, since 2001 this unassuming Northwestern grown super fruit has captured the attention of food researchers, TV day time talk show hosts and more.

Nutritional Overview:

Cherry Juice is rich in a number of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Best of all this ruby-red drink doesn’t contain any fat or cholesterol. It is a source of vitamin A, C also well as an excellent source of potassium. The benefit of consuming foods containing vitamin A and C is these foods help to support a healthy immune system. Eating foods containing potassium may help to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

In addition, Tart Cherry Juice is natural source of anthocyanins. This compound is responsible for giving color to Mother Nature. To date, over 350 different types of anthocyanins have been discovered by food scientists. See the Cherry Juice Nutrition Information Chart

The Dr. Oz. Factor:

The widely popular Dr. Oz. show aired and episode telling his viewers to add some of this juice to their diets. While he talked about the amazing antioxidant properties contained in it, he also mentioned that it is a natural source of melatonin and its use for helping get a better night’s sleep. Even prior to the airing of the episode I have talked with a number of our customers sharing their experiences of how it has helped them with sleep. In addition to sleeping better, cherry juice tends to provide an overall sense of well being. This may be due to the fact it helps individuals to get a better night’s sleep.

Published Research Studies:

Food scientists from the University of Pennsylvania published a study in the Journal of Medicinal Food publication testing the effects of drinking the juice. According to the published information, the participants reported to getting a better night’s sleep. Most importantly, the study not only showed how it helped the participants struggling to fall sleep but also helped those who struggle with remaining sleep.

The researchers mentioned the natural sleep-enhancing benefits of the juice was likely the result of the high levels of naturally occurring melatonin. Melatonin helps to regulate the body’s rhythmic clock. It helps to improve sleepiness during the night and wakefulness during daytime hours.

Cherry Juice Soothes Sore Muscles and Reduces Pain:

A published study from Oregon Health and Science indicated that the consumption of cherry juice over a 7 day period during a running event helps to relief sore muscles and reduces pain after physical exercise.

It was discovered that Tart Cherry Juice and Achy Joints: could help to minimize exercise-related muscle damage. In the study, the participants who drank the cherry juice used in the study lost on four percent of muscle strength, but the placebo participants lost a whopping 22 percent.

Tart Cherry Juice and Achy Joints:

Research from a number of leading research organizations published research findings on how cherries may help to maintain healthy joints. This is great news for a countless individuals with limited mobility due to joint issues. One of the areas focused on is how the compounds of the cherry work synergistically together to deliver its joint health benefits. The combination of potassium, melatonin, anthocyanins and more working together could be reason this red fruit is the first choice for those with achy joints.

Cherry Recipes:

It’s very easy to add cherry juice to your daily diet in addition to enjoying it as a recipe enhancer. We have put together a collection of tart cherry juice recipes you can download for free.

We also have a free tart cherry recipe book that includes a number recipes you can enjoy with every meal of the deal. Here is link to this free downloadable report called Official Tart Cherry Health Report.