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Cherry Juice Side Effects

What are the cherry juice side effects?

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As published research continues to grow in the natural health benefits of drinking cherry juice, many individuals are asking does cherry juice have any side effects?

On this page, I would like to address that question and provide some additional information to help you make an intelligent decision when deciding if this tasty, ruby-red drink is right for you.

However, before I get into the side effect question, I would like to address some of evidence regarding the natural health benefits offered by this Michigan grown super fruit. One of the biggest and most widely known benefit for drinking the juice is how it may help to reduce arthritis pain naturally.*

This is backed up by a number of published research papers and studies conducted by some of America’s leading research universities and institutions.

According to the research, the tart cherry does contain a number of naturally occurring antioxidants and compounds including anthocyanins, potassium, melatonin and more.

Check out the natural health benefits of the tart cherry:

While it is not 100% certain that any one compounds is the sole reason for its ability to fight arthritis pain and maintain healthy joint function*, research has been published and has indicated it is believed to be the synergistic benefits of all these compounds working to together.

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The second widely known benefit of this raw fruit and the liquid is the melatonin. In fact, Dr. Oz. even talked about the melatonin levels in this fruit on his television show. In addition, according to research conducted by Dr. Russell Reiter, known as the Dean of Melatonin, the tart cherry has been found to be one of nature’s top source of naturally occurring melatonin and to date no other fruit or vegetable has been found to contain more.

For example, cherry juice concentrate contains about 100ng’s of melatonin, while tart cherry powder contains approximately 137ng’s. Regarding these amounts, it is important to note these are naturally occurring levels of melatonin and not synthetic or from a man-made source.

This means those looking to enjoy a more restful night’s sleep may want to consider adding some if it or the Tart Cherry Powder to their daily routine.

The third benefit is it may help to reduce sore muscles due to physical exercise. This simply means if you have sore muscles the cherry may be able to help relieve the pain.

Since potassium is one of the compounds found in the fruit, this could be the ingredient that may contribute to relieving joint pain and muscle soreness.

Now we have learned about some of the top natural benefits, let’s turn our focus back to the original question of what are the side effects? I have not read research conducted by a leading research university or institution regarding this issue.

However, the juice does contain about 15 mg’s of naturally occurring sugar known as fructose, so if you are watching your sugar intake, consider the cherry capsules than have less than 1 mg of sugar per serving rather than drinking the cherry juice.

Check out the natural health benefits of cherry juice in the video above.