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Dr. Oz. - Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice

At-A-Glance: Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice

Television personalities, leading magazines, newspapers and websites across America are publishing articles on tart cherries and sharing how this ruby red superfruit can help soothe achy joints * and reduce inflammation naturally.*

Over 65% of all tart cherries grown in the United States are grown in Northwestern region of the Michigan. This area of Michigan is nickname the "Cherry Capital of the World" and is also referred to as the "Traverse Bay Farms" region of Michigan.

Many people are looking for all-natural remedies to help ease everyday conditions including achy joints and inflammation. Thanks to food scientists, we are now able to understand many of hidden natural remedies found in nature. This includes the pain relieving properties of tart cherries.

Published research indicates the powerful, natural benefits of tart cherries are due to one compound. But how all of the compounds in the tart cherry work synergistically together. So in other words, the more cherry per serving the better.

Tart cherries are a very fragile fruit. They are only available fresh during the short summer harvest. For the remainder of the year, you can enjoy the natural health benefits to tart cherries by drinking tart cherry juice. Taking tart cherry capsules or eating dried tart cherries. Click Here to Learn More about the Different Ways to Get the Natural Benefits of Cherries.

Why People Buy Traverse Bay Farms Tart Cherry Products*

Soothy Achy Joints - 96% 
Fight Inflammation - 91% 
Get Better Sleep 78%
Reduce Muscle Pain 88%
Fight Gout Attack 91%

Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC Units) Of Select Cherry Products**

Tart Cherry Concentrate
Dried Tart Cherries
Frozen Tart Cherries

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