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How to Avoid Gout Flare Ups During the Holidays

Holiday Gout Guide

The holidays are upon us. For those suffering from Gout, this time of year can cause a sudden flare-up. Gout suffers should be aware of the risks with the traditional meals served at Thanksgiving, Christmas and during the holidays. One reason for holiday gout flare-ups is people tend to enjoy larger portions than usually.

“People tend to eat and drink alcohol in excess during the holiday season. After night of enjoying time with friends and co-workers, making toasts and enjoying great tasting food, you wake in the middle of night with a throbbing big toe.” says Joann Smyth, who is currently studying to become a registered dietitian. Joann continued, “Then morning arrives, and you get out of bed and you can’t walk or place any weight on your foot.”

Check out this video about how to avoid gout flare ups during the holidays.



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What is Gout?

Gout is the result of excess uric acid in the blood. Uric acid is a chemical that is created when the body breaks downs substances in food call purines. In fact, gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis. As the uric acid levels rise in the blood, they begin to form crystals. These uric acid crystals begin to deposit themselves between the space in the joints. The joints with larger spaces between them tend to be the ankle, foot, knee and big toe. No Gout Pain Cookbook

Another reason these joints usually experience more gout flare-ups is due to gravity. Since the crystals are carried throughout the body in the bloodstream, gravity begins to work its magic and pull the heavier urid acid crystals to the lower portions of the body. Tart Cherry Capsules

According to published research, over 85% of commonly afflicted areas of the body for a gout attack is with the big toe. The reason is the big toe has the largest space between the joints.

Holiday Gout Guide

Feel free to use the following holiday gout guide, so you can be aware of the foods and beverages that have high amounts of purine, which may increase the chance of a gout flare-up.


Turkey, turkey and more turkey is usually the meat of choice for countless holiday gatherings. Did you know turkey contains purines? While not a much as red meat, it can still be a challenge for those who enjoy turkey.

In addition, meat gravies are also high sources of purines. Also, don’t forget beef and ham also contain significant amounts of purine. The best strategy is to limit your intake of turkey and other holiday meats.

Alcoholic Beverages

Liquor and beer have been linked to gout attacks. As an individual consumes alcoholic beverages, uric acid levels in the blood tend to increase, which can cause gout symptoms. Check out these suggests for reducing a gout flare-up.

#1: Increase your water intake. An increase in water intake will help to reduce the time needed to excrete uric acid building through the bladder. In other words, the more water you drink, the more frequently you’ll have to go to the bathroom.

#2: Drink cherry juice. Published research has shown individuals who drink tart cherry juice enjoy lower uric acid levels. Also, since cherry juice concentrate is mixed with water to make 100% pure tart cherry juice, you’ll be drinking more water too.


Shellfish, tuna, scallops are all popular ingredients for appetizers, dietitians suggest you limit your intake. The reason is most shellfish have moderate to high amounts of purine. Simply limit your intake to 1 serving or less.

Simple Ways to Fight Off a Flare-Up

Check out this list of 3 simple ways to fight off a potential flare-up.

#1: Drink plenty of water. Make it a habit to have a full glass of water next to your plate. Or, drink an 8-ounce glass of water every 30 minutes if you’re at a party or gathering.

#2: Drink tart cherry juice. Mixing water with cherry juice concentrate is an ideal way to make your water taste great. In addition, published research suggests drinking tart cherry juice can help to reduce uric acids levels naturally.

#3: Add more fiber to your diet. During the holiday season, enjoy oatmeal for breakfast, snack on nuts and enjoy dried fruit, including dried tart cherries. The reason is more fiber helps your body to get rid of uric acid.