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How to Enjoy a Gout-Friendly Holiday

‘ Tis the season for lots of great food…great food that can also trigger a gout attack.

But with a little planning, you can still enjoy the tasty seasonal treats while keeping your risk for a gout attack low.

According to Joann Smyth, who is currently studying to become a registered dietitian, “The holidays are a great time to spend with family, friends and co-workers. But, it is also a time of year when all of that great food can trigger a sudden gout attack.”


The key to a gout-friendly diet is to avoid foods and drink high in purines. Purines are most commonly found in seafood, beer, meats (especially organs), beans and some vegetables. If you’re looking to enjoy the tastes of the holidays, without the worry of a gout attack, check out these smart substitutions. Drink cherry juice. 

Check out These Smart Substitutions


Choose Red Wine…not beer

Both beer and liquor have high purine content. According to published research, red wine is a better opinion. However, keep in mind that all alcohol has purines, consider drinking a glass of water or two after each glass of red wine. Also, don’t forget you can always add a slice of lemon to your water or enjoy a glass of tart cherry juice before you go out to holiday parties. More on the gout-fighting ability of tart cherry juice later.

Choose the cheese plate…not the shrimp plate

Holiday cheese plates usually offer a great selection of gout-fighting alternatives. Enjoy some of the walnuts, almonds and other nuts. Also, since cheese in low in purines, it is a good alternative to the shrimp. Also, look for these fruits on the cheese tray, too. Fruits such as dried tart cherries, avocados and dried pineapples. These are rich in Vitamin C.

Choose the ham substitute…not the ham

Meat in general in high in purines, but ham is also a high sodium meat. If you are looking for a meat substitute enjoy chicken or duck. However, look for leg meat, over the breast with skin.

Choose the vegetables…not the main course

Fill up on fresh veggies with a lot of naturally occurring vitamin C. These include peppers, onions, tomatoes and carrots. These veggies also offer satiety.  Since these vegetables also offer high fiber, they play an important role in satiety. Satiety is the feeling of being full, thus you won’t feel hungry, allowing you to avoid a holiday gout attack. Another benefit of eating high fiber foods is a high-fiber diet inhibits gout-related inflammation.

Choose Cherry Cheesecake…not the peanut butter acorn cookies

Growing up, my favorite Christmas cookie was the peanut butter acorn. These are the thick, peanut butter cookies with a hug Hersey’s chocolate kiss on top. These where always may favorite. However, it may not be the best choice for the cherry cheesecake. The ingredients of the cheesecake are gout friendly, plus cherries have shown to help fight off a gout attack.

Choose to Drink Tart Cherry Juice…

Enjoy a glass of tart cherry juice before you go out and enjoy the holiday parties. The reason is published research suggests tart cherries and tart cherry juice helps to lower uric acid levels in the blood naturally. The naturally occurring compounds contained in tart cherries that helps to lower uric acid levels are called anthocyanins. This phytochemical is responsible for giving the tart cherry it’s deep red hue. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory. So drinking a glass of 100% pure tart cherry juice not only provides your body with hydration, it also helps to fend off a holiday gout attack.

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Disclaimer: Consult your health care professional prior to making changes to your diet or eat new types of food. This is for informational use only.