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Tart Cherry Capsules

Benefits of Tart Cherry Capsules

Is there a difference when comparing the benefits of cherry juice with the benefits of cherry capsules?

The first part of this page compares the benefits of tart cherry capsules, cherry juice and dried cherries.

In this first section you’ll be able to see at-a-glance how each on compares and how the tart cherry capsules offer additional benefits, unavailable in the other type of cherry products. In the remaining section of this page, I’ll go into further detail of the antioxidants and other compounds in the tart cherry capsules.

Melatonin in Different Cherry Products:

One of the biggest benefits to tart cherry capsules is the amount of naturally occurring melatonin. According to research conduct by Dr. Russell Reiter from the University of Texas Health Science Center also known as the Dean of Melatonin, the tart cherry is one of Mother Nature’s top sources of naturally occurring melatonin.

Here are the results of a comparision test conducted by Dr. Reiter on the melatonin amounts of the juice, powder and tart cherry capsules.

Tart Cherry Products and Melatonin:

Type of Cherry Product Melatonin Levels

  • Fresh Tart Cherries: Up to 13.5 nanograms (ng) of Melatonin per gram
  • Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate: Has up to 10 times more the Melatonin per gram when compared to the raw fruit.
  • Tart Cherry Powder: 137+ ng per gram 

(Tart cherry powder is what is used in tart cherry capsules)

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Based up on the results of this test, tart cherry powder offers the most amount of melantonin per gram. So if you are looking for the highest amount of melatonin, the cherry capsule, which use the cherry powder would be an excellent choice.

Sugar Content:

Type of Cherry Product Sugar Levels Per Serving

  • Fresh Tart Cherries: Approximately 6 grams of sugar per 1/2 cup 
  • Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate: Up to 15 grams of sugar per serving (1 oz.) 
  • Tart Cherry Powder: Less then one gram per gram 

As you can see, cherry capsules are the lowest in sugar content per serving. Thus making them idea for those looking to minimize their sugar intake while enjoying the benefits of the tart cherry.

Antioxidant Amounts:

In addition to being the first choice for melatonin, cherry capsules also delivers 5X the specific antioxidant benefits of tart cherry juice. One of the reasons for this is the cherry powder delivers the entire cherry, minus the pit and the stem. You are getting the skin, pulp and the juice of the fruit.

Learn more about the proprietary processed used we call FruiTraction used to produce the cherry powder used to make our cherry capsules.

Overview of the Different Types of Cherry Products:

No matter if you have cherry juice, fresh cherries, cherry capsules or the dried fruit, the tart cherry offers a number of natural health benefits. Depending on the type of cherry product, you can enjoy the taste with the dried cherries and the liquid, the antioxidant benefits of the juice or the capsules.

History of the Tart Cherry

The Northwestern lower Michigan, the region where Traverse Bay Farms is located produces the majority of the tart cherries in the United States. In fact, Michigan produces between 200 to 250 million pounds of cherries annually. This means we really know our tart cherries. Best of all the fresh cherry is naturally low in fat and calories. In fact, the cherry flavor ranks amoung the most popular flavors in the world.

Tart cherry is known to deliver an entire range of natural health benefits, one of the main disadvantages of this tart red fruit, as the name implies, it is very tart. This means many people simply don't eat the fresh cherry, however it does offer a range of health benefits.

Since the majority of people who buy cherry capsules purchase them for the antioxidant benefits and not the taste, they are both a convenient and easy-to-swallow way of getting the natural benefits of cherries. Plus as mentioned above, they provide highly concentrated benefits not available when simply eating the fresh fruit.

The Antioxidants:

The most recognizable feature of the tart cherry is its bright red color. It’s hard to miss the ruby red hue of the tart cherry. Here is what it looks like on the tree:

As you can see, the bright color really stands out. This unique hue is due to the presence of anthocyanins. This compound is responsible for giving the cherry it’s unique color.

Anthocyanins are an important antioxidant that helps to fight free radicals, reduce cellular damage and combat certain diseases. The tart cherry capsule delivers a concentrated form of the fruit and as mentioned above delivers 5x the specific benefits of the cherry juice. So the next time you’re looking for concentrated amount of melatonin and antioxidants, the benefits of cherry capsules are second to none.

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