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Tart Cherry Juice for Gout

Got Gout? Get Cherry Juice!

Tart Cherry Juice for Gout

As the old wife’s tale goes, “Drink tart cherry juice for gout”. Since the 1950’s, when the first article was published on cherry juice for gout, people have been enjoying the pain relieving properties of this ruby red superfruit. Up until that time some many simply people never knew about this pain relieving fruit or dismissed the evidence as anecdotal or simply a folklore.  

But thanks to dedicated food researchers, it has been shown the tart cherry can reduce the risk of a gout attack naturally. Did you know tart cherries are one of Mother Nature’s highest source of naturally occurring anthocyanins, melatonin and other phytochemicals?

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This power combination has be shown to reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of a gout flare up. In fact, the Montmorency tart cherry ranks at the top of the list of foods that reduce inflammation, while offering amazing natural health benefits.

The Science Behind the Anti Inflammatory Properties of the Montmorency Tart Cherry

Cherry Juice for Gout

Gout and Cherry JuiceUric acid is naturally produced in the body during metabolism process. Purines are produced naturally.

However, when uric acids in the blood reach unhealthy levels is may cause harmful side effects like increased chance of the formation of uric acid crystals. This are the tiny crystals deposit themselves between the joints and cause the gout pain.

Basically, purines are naturally produced in the body during normal metabolism so it is part of being human. However, as a person eating food that are high in purines the body is unable to excrete these increased amount of purines so they begin to crystallize and since they are heavier then the blood supporting them, they tend to sink to the lower parts of the body. Once they succumb to gravity, the crystals some begin to form in the large spaces between the big toes. That is why gout pain is usually first experienced in the big toe. So how can cherry juice help?

Reduces Uric Acid Levels:

Cherry Juice For GoutOne of the best thing cherry juice can do is to dissolve the crystals between the joints and keep them in a liquid form so they can excreted out of the body via the kidneys. That is basically how cherry juice is benefiting those with gout. As the uric acid is reduced in the blood, the crystal will be able to be dissolved naturally.

According to published research for one tart cherry juice gout study shown participants who drank 8 ounces of tart cherry juice daily for four weeks enjoyed lower levels of uric acid in their blood. This reactive protein was safely removed from the body through the bladder.

Helps to Dissolve Uric Acid Crystals:

Another study found those participants who ate fresh Montmorency tart cherries over a four-day period showed a reduction in uric acid levels. In addition, the presence of anthocyanins, a phenolic compound, help to dissolve jagged uric acid crystals in the joints.  The study showed a 35 percent lower risk of a gout attack.

Cherry Juice Reduces Inflammation due to Osteoarthritis:

According to a popular arthritis support group, over 70 million Americans are affected by osteoarthritis. A research university based in Oregon found that participants who drank 10.5 ounces of tart cherry juice, the scientific name none as cherry prunus, daily for 21 days enjoyed a reduction in biomarkers of inflammation.

Daily cherry intake from drinking cherry juice made from tart cherry juice concentrate is a great ways to reduce oxidative stress and reduce gout flare ups.

Best of all by drinking tart cherry juice, you'll be supporting American family farms growing the Montmorency tart cherry. In addition, cherry juice is available year-round and can shipped to your door from Traverse Bay Farms.

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Final Note on Cherry Juice:

Another benefit of drinking tart cherry juice daily is you'll be more active. Being more active means you may even enjoy weight loss by being more active.

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