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Cherries and Anthocyanins

[caption id="attachment_946" align="alignleft" width="125" caption="Dried Cherries from Traverse Bay Farms"]Dried Cherries from Traverse Bay Farms[/caption] According to research from Rice-Evans in 1995 anthocyanins offer more benefit and more effective than vitamin C. In addition, the research indicates anthcyanins are four times more potent as the well-known vitamin E. The compound has also been compared to ibuprofen and aspirin for additional health benefits (Seeram 2001). A numerous of studies, including one published from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore suggested tart cherries may help with specific health issues.The anthocyanin’s properties help with positively affecting oxidative stress (Tall 2004). Some good ways to get anthocyanins into your diet is to enjoy some dried cherries or a glass of cherry juice. Just 100g of cherry juice deliver 12,000 ORAC units and a dosage of anthocyanins.
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