Cherry Harvest Season 2020 is Wrapped Up

Cherry Harvest Season 2020 is Wrapped Up
Aug 31

Most of the Michigan cherry harvest season is completed. With the exception of a few Michigan cherry growers, the 2020 cherry harvest season is officially over.

Unfortunately, the 2020 cherry harvest did experience an estimated 25% decline in total cherries harvested. It is estimated that only 197 million pounds of tart cherries were produced this years. Compared to the estimated 246.5 million pounds in 2019.

The damaged crops and lower harvest yield was due to the early frost that occurred in early-May. This unexpected temperature drop damaged crops in Northern Michigan and throughout the state.

The May overnight temperatures dropped into the low to mid 20's during vital blooming stage for the Michigan cherry crop. It is during the blooming stage is when the cherry blossoms begin to show and then all of those beautiful blooms turn into Michigan Montmorency tart cherries.

This unexpected crop shortage also contributed to our ability to offer fresh cherries for sale in our stores and for shipment to our customers.

While this year's crop will probably cause shortages for Montmorency tart cherries and other cherry-based products, our customer have no need to worry. This is simple. We are not raising prices and rest assured our cherry-based products will be available to our customers at the same price.

In addition, to holding our prices stable, we will continue offer free shipping our Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate and our tart cherry capsule products.


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