Cherry Picking in Traverse City

Cherry Picking in Traverse City
Jul 20

Great news, it’s the 2020 U-Pick cherry season in Traverse City. Did you know the Traverse City area is often referred to as the “Cherry Capital of the World?”

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The reason is this cherry growing region grows over 65% of all tart cherries in the United States. Some in this cherry-picking area also refer to this region as the “Traverse Bay Farms Region”, too.

Many of the cherry farms overlook the amazing lakes surrounding Traverse City and Northern Michigan. Torch Lake, Elk Rapid and the Grand Traverse Bay. These lakes not only offer endless beauty, but also provide excellent wind to help circulate air through the U-pick cherries orchards.

Cherry Picking in Traverse City Overview:

Check out these questions we receive from a number of folks in Northern Michigan interested in picking U-Pick cherries. While each U-Pick cherry orchard has different hours, prices, etc. this U-Pick cherry guide will help you get started.

What to Bring to the Cherry Orchard?

Most of the cherry orchards and U-pick cherry farms provide buckets, many also allow you to bring your own. Once you’re done picking the cherries, you’ll simply weigh out the picked cherries and you’ll be charge by the bucket or weight.

Are the Cherries Pitted?

Many cherry farms offer you the choice buying pitted our non-pitted sweet cherries or tart cherries.

What are the Cherry Picking Hours?

While picking hours vary from farm to farm, picking is usually from 9:00am to 5pm. So it is the perfect time to pick cherries.

Can Every Member of the Family Pick Cherries, including the Pets?

Yes, all members are welcome, however, do to food growing laws and regulations, you’ll have to leave your furry friends at home or in the car while cherry picking.

Can People Walk Anywhere in the Orchard?

Since you will be visiting a working cherry farm, usually each cherry farm will show you which areas of the orchard you can stroll through and pick this ruby-red fruit. Also, please remember to remain in those specific areas since the farm is also a working orchard. This means heavy cherry picking machinery will be close so please be aware of your surroundings while picking cherries.

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