The Link Between Arthritis and Activity Levels

The Link Between Arthritis and Activity Levels
Jun 18

Did you know, simple exercises offer two amazing benefits? Not only will your body get strong, but physical exercise also benefits your mind, too.


When a person has arthritis, it’s vital that they keep it moving as best as they can in order to cut down on the pain and inflammation that arthritis can cause. 

A person’s activity level, also known as PAL is a way to prompt a person’s day-to-day physical activity as a number and that number will then be used to determine an approximation of a person’s complete energy outflow.  Sounds pretty interesting doesn’t it? 

What people with arthritis need to understand is that although they are in pain most of the time, it’s only going to get worse if you don’t get up and move on a daily basis.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at the link between arthritis and activity levels.

What Is the Real Link Between Arthritis and Activity Levels?

What we know about physical levels is that they are an estimate of a person’s physical activity, also known as PAL and the link between this and arthritis is the fact that when you have arthritis, you must keep your levels in your body up to proper alignment. 

We all must take notes when we do anything and that will be the initial link between arthritis and activity levels.  When you’re exercising with or without arthritis, you will always need to keep track of what you’re doing, how long you’ve been at it and so on.

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Taking A Nice Walk

Taking a lovely walk after work will help to keep your joints and muscles in proper alignment and to also tone down on the pain, swelling, as well the inflammation built-up in your body. 

Keep in mind that if you power walk, you will be adding more strength and power to your overall core, which is great for people which suffer with arthritis! 

What is suggested is walk at least one to two miles each day after or before work that way your body can have regular and keep up with the proper activity levels set out for suitable and great health.


Performing Stretches

If you could perform stretches before your bedtime, that would be a great way for you to wind down after a long and stressful day at work or school.  Keep in mind that if you stay stressed out and suffer with arthritis, you are only raising your risk for an inflammation flareup and who would want that, right? 

What is suggested to do is try and do some leg and foot stretches, as well hand stretches.  Basically, you are going to want to stretch the muscles wherever your arthritis has set in. 

If it’s in your spine, you will want to do some Yoga to stretch around the joints and muscles in the spine and so on.  If you have arthritis in your hand, you can do a simple stretch such as making your hand go into a fist, going in and out with that stance. 

It’s a simple stretch, but it can work wonders in helping to relieve your arthritic pains and inflammation. Check out this video:

Riding A Bike

This is another physical activity that will keep your levels up and at a great foundation.  Riding a bike will tend to work out the lower back and legs, which is an amazing physical activity for individuals which suffer with arthritis. 

It is suggested is take a bike ride at your local gym or go out and actually ride a physical bike down your highway or street.  What would be the best distance for a person with arthritis to ride?  That’s quite the broad question and the answer will vary depending on each person, how far they want to initially ride, how long they wish to ride, the intensity of each ride and so on. 

Another factor to take into consideration is knowing how bad their arthritis is and please remember that the more a person rides, the stronger they will ultimately become.  This will cut down on the pain, swelling in the legs, as well the inflammation which occurs with arthritis.  Get on that bike and just ride!  You would be so surprised how much better you will feel!   

Disclaimer - Consult with your doctor or health care provide before you start an exercise routine. This is not medical advice.

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