What is the Difference Between Sweet Cherries and Tart Cherries? - Cherries 101

What is the Difference Between Sweet Cherries and Tart Cherries? - Cherries 101
Jun 16

Cherries 101 – It’s Cherry Season

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Every year during the warm summer months, the cherries explode from the beautiful cherry blossoms. It’s during these few short months these ruby-red orbs are available for harvest. It’s no secret the flavor of cherries and the cherry fruit rank among the favorite flavors and fruits of countless people.

Since it is cherry season, it makes sense to learn more about this tasty little fruit loaded with powerful antioxidants and great taste.

The First Step – The Cherry Tree

Did you know the cherry trees are best grown in high and dry soils? The best soil for the cherry to grow is sandy soil. The reason is the sand allows water to quick drain away, allowing the cherry tree to drink the water, but not worry about any excess moisture.

In addition to the soil, high elevations are another requirement of growing flavor-rich cherries. No so much is sea-level evaluations, but evaluations that allow for wind drainage. This means the wind is able to sweep up from the lower lying areas and help to keep the orchards cool even during extra-hot summer days.

In addition, good wind drainage allows cherry orchards to use less if no pesticides since the constant wind keeps the smaller incest away from the cherry trees. However, the wind isn’t strong enough to blow-away the vital bees whose job is to pollute the blossoms that turn into tasty cherries.

The Second Steps – The Types of Cherries

Did you know there are only two types of cherries? That’s right, with all of the different varieties available including Montmorency, Rainer, Balaton, Black Pearl, Cavalier, Purple, etc., there are only two types. All cherries are either a sweet cherry or a tart cherry.

What is the Difference Between Sweet Cherries and Tart Cherries?

The biggest difference between sweet cherries and tart cherries is how they are used.

Sweet Cherries –

Sweet cherries usually contain more natural sugar than tart cherries. This makes sweet more ideal for snacking. Also, the sweet cherry flavor tends to dull during heat. This means they are less likely to be used for baking. Sweet cherries are used for making syrups, added to yogurt, over ice cream or breakfast pancakes.

Tart Cherries –

Tart cherries are commonly referred to as sour, tart or red cherries. The tart cherries are better suited for baked good, making cherry juice concentrate and cherry capsules. The reason is lower sugar contain and higher amount of naturally occurring antioxidants.

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