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Cherry Juice and Heart Health

Ongoing research and published studies indicate that diets rich in fruits and vegetables may help maintain a heart healthy lifestyle. The tart cherry and tart cherry juice offers a whole array of healthy joint benefits, but the phenolic compounds in cherries may also offer properties for a healthy cardiovascular system.  Started in 1985, the Zutphen Elderly Study is a longitudinal or lifestyle style that was started in the Netherland by the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection. This organization and movement has produced a wealth of insightful and valuable information about diet and health.  The cherries and cherry juice is an excellent way to get the benefits of this fruit. One interesting report was of 805 men (ages 65 to 84 years) who were studied for five years found that as flavonoid, which are present in tart cherries, intake increased, a heart related health issues decreased.
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