Fresh Tart Cherry Delivery

Fresh Tart Cherry Delivery
Jun 12

Fresh Tart Cherry Delivery

 Great new…Fresh Tart Cherry Delivery is now available for the upcoming tart cherry harvest. This means, you’ll be able to enjoy Michigan-grown, Montmorency tart cherries delivered to your home or office. This is a limited time fresh tart cherry delivery service.

Can I order fresh tart cherries online?

Did you know Traverse Bay Farms is located in the heart of the Michigan, Montmorency tart cherry growing region? Our region of Michigan grows over 65% of all of the tart cherries in the United States. In fact, our nickname of this cherry-growing region is “Cherry capital of the world”. We grow more Montmorency tart cherries than any other cherry orchards in the world. So if you’re looking to enjoy fresh cherries to make:

- Cherry Pies

- Cherry Muffins

- Cherry Biscuits

- Cherry Cake

Or any other cherry-based recipe, you’ll want to read more about our tart cherry delivery service.

We’ll ship recently harvested Montmorency cherries straight from Northern Michigan anywhere in the lower 48 states. However, the only issue will be how much of a harvest Mother Nature will bless us with.

The tart cherries you’ll receive are the best Northern Michigan has to offer. They are grown and harvested by Northern Michigan cherry orchards. U-Pick and shelf-pick orchards dot our entire region. However, you won’t have to worry about picking cherries, we’ll do the work for you. Pack them up and ship fresh cherries to you.

In addition to the fresh tart cherry, we all offer cherry juice concentrate, chocolate-covered dried cherries, cherry jam, tart cherry capsules and more shipped to your door (these are year-round!)


Fresh tart cherry delivery

These ruby red tart cherries are perfect for any cherry recipe you desire to make. They are naturally tart with just a hint of sweetness. They are all-natural and you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll pack them up and ship cherries directly to you.

These premium Montmorency tart cherries are just the right color. You will know the signature color when you see them. They are the ideal Montmorency tart cherry. These are the first choice for those wanting to make great tasting cherry recipes to enjoy with family or friends. You can all make cherry juice from these tart cherries without any added sugar. Learn the difference between sweet cherries and tart cherries.


We select only the best and deliver cherries to you. We pack them with a package of dry ice and wrap them in newspaper and you’ll enjoy the offer the peak flavor profile.

When can you buy fresh cherries?

The fresh cherry harvest only happens once a year. That is why these great tasting tart cherries are only available during the first few weeks of July, through mid-August. These cherries are very perishable, so you will have to freeze the ones you don’t make a cherry recipe within a few days of receiving them.

If you are in Northern Michigan during the cherry harvest you can also enjoy fresh cherries either as a U-Pick Cherries or shelf cherry picking. Or, we offer fresh cherry delivery to your door during these summer months.

How do you ship fresh cherries?

The Montmorency tart cherries are only good for a few short weeks. In other words, they are a very perishable fruit. Their shelf life is only a few short weeks after harvest. This means once you receive the fresh cherry delivery, you will want o make some great tasting recipes or freeze them.

Check out all of the care we take when shipping fresh cherries:

 - We review and individually remove damaged cherries. This extra step helps to prevent the the “bad” one from turning the other cherries in the box bad.

- Next, we gently place the fresh tart cherries in a cooler. This keeps the fresh tart cherries cool during shipment.

- This inexpensive cooler is placed into a larger cardboard box.

- Next, we place several layers of newspaper on the top of the cherries. This is a simple and inexpensive barrier.

- We then place a small package of dry ice on top.

- The cooler is then closed and taped.

- Finally, we print an overnight or two-day shipping label. This allows you to get your fresh cherry deliver within just a few days of harvest.

Or, if you are in Northern Michigan and want to experience picking your own cherries, check out these U-Pick cherry orchards.

Are fresh cherries in season now?

The short six-week harvest season for this tangy red fruit is from mid-July through mid-August. In fact, during this short period of just several weeks is the only time you can get fresh Montmorency tart cherry cherries delivered. Or, if you like you can enjoy a trip to Northern Michigan and visit U-Pick cherry farms in the Traverse Bay Farms cherry region.

Where can I buy fresh cherries online?

We are, Traverse Bay Farms, have been offer fresh cherry delivery for the past several years. Our cherry delivery is available during the summer cherry season. However, our ability to ship depends on the overall availability of fresh tart cherries.

If they crop yield falls short of our expectations, we will not be able to ship this Michigan-grown, red fruit. However, if it is available we will ship fresh cherries during the months from mid-July through mid-August. In addition to having this great tasting cherries shipped, you can also stop by either our store in Michigan in Elk Rapids store and Bellaire store and pick up some fresh cherries.

In addition to the fresh produce, our stores also offer cherry juice concentrate, dried cherries, tart cherry capsules, cherry sales and all of our other nationally award-winning gourmet food products. If you are in Northern Michigan, check out this link to see where our retail stores are located in Northern Michigan.

PLEASE NOTE: Mother Nature blessed us each year with the overall availability of fresh tart cherries. The produce is grown naturally and is not grown in a gourmet kitchen or in a laboratory. This means the cherries are only harvested once a year. This is why, we only ship fresh cherries once a year or you are only able to find the fresh fruit in the summer months. In addition, the fresh produce is very perishable and delicate fruit. This means during the months of April and May it is vital Mother Nature allows good weather. This allows the cherries to “take” and go from blossom to fruit. Please contact us for availability on a yearly basis of fresh cherry delivery.

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