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Frozen Tart Cherries

Frozen Tart Cherries With all of the type of cherries and cherry products available including fresh and cherry juice, there are several ways to pack u-pick cherries and prepare them for freezing. I have included several different ways you can follow, simply select the best method on how you want to use the frozen product.  Sugar packed. With this method, simply mix 2/3 cup sugar per quart of sour cherries; or if you are using sweet cherries use 1/3 cup sugar per quart of sweet cherries. To package each variety simply fill freezer containers to within 1/2 inch from top. Squeeze out any of the remaining air and seal. You will find the bag will also have cherry juice on the bottom of the bag. You can also consume this cherry juice when you serve the final fruit. Unsweetened pack. This method is ideal to use without liquid or sweetening. You would pack the cherries into freezer containers to within 1/2 inch from topSqueeze out as much air as possible and seal. The de-thawed fruit can be sweetened at the time of serving.
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