How to Build Strong Relationships with your Grandkids

How to Build Strong Relationships with your Grandkids
Oct 07

The perception of aging has changed. Just a short time ago, some thought of seniors as living in nursing homes, sitting on the front porch all day and talking about family gatherings in “past tense”.  However, thanks to increasing modern medical technology, nutritional food and activity lifestyles grandparents, like always, are a vital part of any family.

For many, the term “grandparents” create cascades of loving memories who bestow wisdom and insight to younger generations. They are vital part of the family tree that often runs deep into the history of any family. In this blog post, you’ll learn about the different and vital roles grandparents play and how they are very activity involved in multi-generational families.

I want to focus how grandparents can effectively bridge the generation-gap and communicate openly with their grandchildren of all ages. For grandparents, think of this as a how-to guide when the grand kids visit you or when you visit them.

Mostly importantly, grandparents don’t have to fall in the trap of simply grand parenting. Open and honest communication between every generation not only encourages trust but also inspires multi-generational respect and fosters the desire to spent time, make and share memories.

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          Grandparents are a blessing to any family unit and play critical role in each of the following generations. Take some time and think back what made it special about spending time with your grandparents. If you’re approaching the time of being a grandparent as vitally important to the next generation, you can help your grandchild enjoy spending time with you and creating timeless memories.

          So let’s take a look at the areas grandparents bring to the family unit and how much they offer.

          Family Historians: They can share their experiences of times gone by and how the world was before the grandchildren were been. Not from a longing to relive the past, but more importantly teaching the younger generation that while technology and the world changes daily, strong family ties help to support each other during changing times. This gives grand kids a sense of where they come from and how they fit into the family.

          A Friend – One of the toughest lesson a parent has to learn is as your kids get older you are “not their friend”. While it can be hard not to want to be a buddy for your kids, you have to act like a responsible adult. As a grandparent you aren’t responsible for daily discipline or daily care, so you can enjoy that friendship relationship with them. You can laugh, joke, trade stories and everything else that makes spending time together so cool.

          A Confidante – When the grand kids have a hard time talking with their parents, they can talk with you. As a family member, they know you care about them. They know you will tell them the truth and offer wisdom and guidance that is best for them in a particular situation they have shared with you.

          However, one thing to remember is you need to set specific ground rules. Let them know they can trust you to keep their experiences or secrets from their parents, unless what they are telling you endangers their health or personal safety. Kids want to know that you understand them and their feelings.

          A Mentor and Role Model – You have “been there and done that”. You can provide insight and offer guidance to help them make the best decisions and overcome obstacles.  You are a role model since you “survived” being a kid too.

          A Spiritual Leader and Teacher: You can demonstrate your spiritual believes by simply living your life. They may not realize or take away everything immediately, but over time your teachings and examples of living a godly life builds a firm anchor as they grow older. This is a cornerstone they can build throughout their entire lives.

          Teach Them What Family Means: You may have a grandchild whose parents are divorced or who is an only child. They may have a longing to enjoy time with other family families. You can fill this void as a grandparent. You are another safe haven they can discover the importance of interacting with family really is.

          A Nurturer – As they get older, they will learn life can be cruel. You, as the grandparent, is someone who helps them build self-esteem and nurses their hurt egos from friends and even their parents. Help them realize they are extremely valuable to themselves and their family. This will help them see value in themselves and look for value in others, too.

          Grand kids need their grandparents. You are the link to the past, present and future. Enjoy the time with them, offer them wisdom and share the benefits of your talents, experience and insight. The little ones welcome love into their lives, but when it comes from a grandparent, it’s extra special.

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