Benefits of a Total Body Detox: Simple Steps You Can Take Today to Begin to Purify Your Life, Mind and Soul.

Benefits of a Total Body Detox: Simple Steps You Can Take Today to Begin to Purify Your Life, Mind and Soul.
Oct 05

The human body and mind needs to be detoxified. The process is to remove toxins and pathogens so the body can maintain proper health and the mind function property to maintain a high level of happiness.

Fortunately, the human body naturally removes harmful toxins with normal waste elimination and biological functions. However, with today’s hectic and active lifestyles, the body is constantly bombarded with pollutants that negatively affect almost every cell in our body and mind.

Stress, pollution, confusion and conflict are all components of our modern society. While we may not be able to completely eliminate the larger social or environmental issues outside of our control, we can make choices that can have a big difference and make positive changes in our life.

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When an individual implements a body detox, they are making deliberate choices in almost every of their life including food choices and lifestyle choices. It’s during this time the body cleanses itself and begins to reduce pathogens and toxins to healthy levels. A body detox can really change the direction of your life.

Why Toxins Build Up on the Body

According to the Nemours Foundation, toxins are “a chemical or poison that is known to have harmful effects on the body.” There are basically four areas in which toxins are introduced into the body. These are from food, water, the air and chemicals in our environment.

However, the primary reasons toxins build up in the body are due to the food we eat and the water we drink. Our selection of the types, purity and amount of what we put into our bodies can has a massive effect on how fast toxins build up. As the toxins enter our bodies, they are processed through our internal organs and then removed from the body by the normal waste removal process or sweat.

Fast food, carbonated drinks, sugary foods and meat rank among the most harmful to the body. When your body experiences toxin overload it may result in abnormal biological processes and an inability of the body to rid them properly. This may lead to a chain reaction the simply overwhelms the body. When this occurs an individual may experience exhaustion, muscle and joint pain, gain weight and in extreme cases lead to the development of cancer.

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Benefits of a Body Detox

Since every aspect of our being is delicately intertwined as the body is negatively affected with toxins this will leak over to the both the mind and the spirit. As the body becomes unhealthy, our thoughts soon become more negative and we experience destruction emotions. The opposite is also true. As the mind entertains destructive thoughts, the spirit is weakened and this combined force can lower the body’s resistance and defenses to fight disease. A body detox helps to rejuvenate more than just the blood and the organs but our mind and spirit, too.

Detoxing the Mind and Spirit

Detoxification of both the mind and spirit are also vital. Unfortunately, the Western world isn’t as fully enlightened as the Eastern cultures in regards to the benefits of a detox. Eastern religious leaders and philosophers have long taught the importance of the mind, body and spirit relationship. In fact, fasting is simply the ancient practice of the body removing harmful toxins.  

It seems leaders in the health professions of the Western world are getting the word out about the benefits of detoxification. In the Western world, a detox simply includes more regular exercise, following a better diet and paying more attention to our mental and emotional states. These are simple, everyday changes individuals can change instantly.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about embarking on any type of formal or complex program to improve your health. Making everyday choices go a long way to restoring your mind, body and spirit. Here are simple ways to get started:

- Start your day with a full glass of water. As soon as you wake, enjoy a full glass of water to get your body moving. Also, drink 3-4 quarters of water throughout the remainder of the day.

- Eat more fruit and vegetables and eat less meat and dairy. In addition, to eating fruit consider adding 100% pure fruit juices to your daily routine. High antioxidant juices like tart cherry juice and blueberry juice will give you a dose of powerful free radical fighting antioxidants. Consider adding antioxidant-rich tart cherry capsules to your daily routine, too.

- Increase your amount of daily physical exercise. Enjoy a brisk walk during your mid-morning break or after work.

- Follow a short fast routine. A short fast only lasts a few days usually not exceeding two continuous days.

- Skip coffee, sugary snacks, carbonated beverages, alcohol and high-acid foods

- Drink alkaline drinks to help restore a healthy pH balance.

- Schedule some "me time" daily. This will help you to restore your mental and spiritual balance.

- Implement a daily meditation or yoga routine.


On a final note, make sure to check with your doctor before you start your body detox. You’ll want to make sure there isn’t another physical issue that requires medical attention or treatment before you start.

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