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How to Stop Heartburn Fast

The other day, during a telephone conversation, I was talking with a long-time customer from Williamsburg, MI. Her name is Sallie and I get to talk with her twice a year. During this time of year, she usually re-orders a six-month supply of our tart cherry concentrate and 4 lbs. of dried cherries. Sallie and her husband drink the cherry juice for arthritis pain, while she uses the dried cherries to make her cherry-chocolate chip cookies for the holidays. The grandkids really like the cherries in Grandma’s cookies. J During our conversation, Sallie mentioned during this time of year her husband usually experiences heartburn. She said he usually eats healthy all during the rest of the year, but he really indulges during the holidays and this is what may be causing the heartburn. Sallie went on to say that she bakes a lot of Christmas cookies, pies and other great tasting foods and holiday treats. They also go to family and friends for holiday parties. She says the heart burn usually starts just before Thanksgiving and comes and goes through the holiday season. She talked with her doctor and she said it was due to all of the different types of food and drink indulgences during the holidays. After I took her re-order and hung up the phone I wrote down a quick list of the types of food that may help with reducing heartburn. While I not giving any sort of medical advice and this information should not be taken as any sort of medical advice, it for informational purposes only, I put together a quick video of the types of foods to reduce for heart burn fast. I included the video below. It is only a few minutes long and it has some great natural ways to get rid of heart burn fast and naturally. I look forward to your comments on the video.
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