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Michigan Tart Cherries

Michigan tart cherries are becoming not only the first choice for those interested in:
  • Maintaining Healthy Joint Function
  • Maintaining Healthy Sleep Patterns
  • Soothing Sore Muscles Due to Physical Exercise
but also interested in enjoying a crisp, fresh and health snack. Did you know Michigan tart cherries are one of the Michigan fruits that have gains a lot of attention of later for natural health benefits. In addition, to the fresh fruit, individuals can also get this powerful red fruit in cherry juice, capsules and powder form. While it is true each start with the tart cherry, each one offers different combinations of end results. For example as you begin to process down the fruit into other forms, you may lose some of the vitamins, minerals, etc. However, one thing we don't do is spike any specific mineral, etc. While other products in the marketplace selectively spike specific minerals, our belief is Mother Nature made the perfect combination of the compounds, etc. when she created the fruit.
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