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Red Raspberry BBQ Recipe Gets Amazing Feedback

Jason over the BBQ Addicts made an recipe with our recently released red raspberry bbq and get amazing results. Here is what Jason said in his post: "I used this sauce a few weeks ago on some pulled pork sandwiches and was pleasantly surprised as to how well the raspberry flavor melded with the smoked pork, but this blew the sandwich out of the water. The flavor of the smokey jalapeno matches perfectly with the sweet fruity sauce, and of course it’s heat is in good company with the medley of peppers tasted in each bite. A spoonful of sauce ... and you can guarantee these tasty treats will disappear in no time flat!" Keep out this great recipe at In addition the getting the excellent feedback from the follow BBQ'ers at BBQ Addicts, we have received excellent feedback from a number professional chefs. In fact, we now have three resturants using our red raspberry bbq in their menu and we are talking to five more. Check out the red raspberry bbq sauce at
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  • Dailie Dail

    I received one of your red raspberry BBQ sauces for a birthday gift. At first I wasn’t sure what is was…lol…but I tried it on some chicken, shrimp and potatoes and it is amazing. Wow is all I have to say.

  • Gayle Fenio

    I bought some of your red raspberry BBQ sauce when I was up in your Elk Rapids store and it was amazing. I can’t wait to get my order. I just place my online order for 6 jars.

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