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Oct 11
How many cherry juice brands are on the market?
That is an excellent question. When we started Traverse Bay Farms over 10 years ago only a handful of cherry juice brands existed on the market. Most the brands available from companies based where in Northwest lower Michigan. Over the years several of the companies that existed have gone out of business or changed their product lines and dropped this antioxidant fruity drink.
However, in the same time period it seems like twice as many companies have started selling cherry juice that have gone out of business. To our company, we believe this is excellent news. The reason is because many of these new companies aren't based in the cherry capital region or have any tie to the fruit-growing region other than simply buying cherry juice from Michigan. So to us, we welcome the new companies that begin selling cherry juice. The reason is they will help to get the word out about the natural health benefits of cherry juice to the end consumer.
In addition, since we are the only company and brand to offer a sediment-free guarantee this means we are offering a guarantee no other brand is offering. To the end customer is vitality important since they not only want to know they are consuming a 100% natural product, but a sediment-free product to. So let's take a section of cherry juice page to further explain why having a sediment-free product is vital:
FAQ: Why is your sediment-free guarantee important to me and my family?
Answer: Sedimentation is the build-up of thick residue or particles   that settle on the bottom of the bottle. This occurs when the cherry product  separates. In addition, sedimentation can occur is any liquid product made from tart cherries, that is why we offer a sediment-free guarantee.
If you have purchased cherry juice concentrate or other liquid cherry products in the past, you may have noticed this thick residue on the bottom of the bottle.
Sedimentation is due to several reasons including the use of lower quality cherry concentrate, an inferior bottling process, poor storage procedures or inappropriate packaging during shipping.
Since we have full faith and confidence in the proprietary bottling process, our shelf-stable bottle and the quality of our   cherry juice concentrate, we can confidently offer the industry's first and   only sediment-free cherry juice concentrate guarantee. Check out this educational video we created on the sedimentation and how to make a refreshing glass of our fruity and tangy drink.

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