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Cherry Juice Side Effects

Side Effects of Cherry JuiceSince we started Traverse Bay Farms over 12 years ago, the word about the natural health benefits of tart cherry juice is getting out. This Michigan-grown, ruby red superfruit have been featured in numerous websites, blogs, newspaper articles, on television and cherry juice was talked about on the popular Dr. Oz. daytime show. In addition, our cherry-based products have been included in two nationally published natural health books, on radio, television and more. This means more and more people are interested in learning as much as they can about this amazing tart and sweet drink. It also seems that more and more people are wondering about any potentional side effects of drinking cherry juice. Before I get into that issue, I would like to talk alittle about the natural health benefits. The most popular reason people are drinking the cherry juice is because of its ability to maintain healthy joint function. Michigan State University did study back in the early 2000's about the joint healthy properties of the tart cherry. The study focused on one of the naturally occurring compounds in the tart cherry. The compound the study talked the most about was the presence of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are responsible for giving color to Mother Nature. It is the compound that helps to turn the colors of the leaves from green in the summer to fiery reddish orange during the fall month's. It is also responsible for giving all fruit their eye appealing color. From the blue in the blueberry to the red in the tart cherry. To date over 350 different types of anthocyanins have been discoverd in Mother Nature. Thus, Anthocyananins are only one of many compounds in the cherry. Additional studies have been published since that time and suggest rather than just one compound it is the synergistic properties of all of the compounds in the tart cherry including anthocyanins, melatonin and more more that work together to provide the joint relieving properties. Also, did you know the tart cherry is one Nature's top sources for naturally occuring melatonin? This means enjoying some tart cherries or drinking tart cherry juice helps with maintaining a healthy night's sleep. With the hectic and sometimes crazy lifestyle of today, enjoying a restful night's sleep is a small pleasure. The next time you're looking for a natural source of melatonin, consider drinking some cherry juice an hour or so before bedtime. Now that we have a better understanding of just a few of the benefits of this ruby-red fruit, let's turn our attention back to the initial questions of cherry juice side effects. I haven't read any credible study indicating serious side effects of drinking cherry juice. However, of the things to look at is a glass of cherry juice does contain 15g's of fructose or natural sugar. So if you are watching your sugar intake and if 15 g is to much, take a look at the tart cherry capsules. They contain less than 1 gram of sugar per serving, while delivering the specific antioxidant benefits of 5+ glass of the cherry juice.
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