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Photos of the 2014 Montmorency Tart Cherry Season Great news!

Cherry Blossom Season Cherry Blossoms Photos Michigan Cherry Blossoms Michigan Cherry Orchard Photos Each of the blossoms in the photos below, eventually turn into an antioxidant-packed tart cherry. The cherry is then turned into tart cherry capsules, cherry juice or into a great tasting cherry pie. The cherries are getting bigger and bigger on the trees. As the cool evening nights and the warm days remind us of the approaching summer, the cherries are enjoying the weather, too. Since Old Man Winter left us only a few months ago, it seems that everything from spring flowers to the buds on the trees are about a month behind schedule. This also means the cherries harvest will be a little behind schedule, too. While we are keeping our fingers crossed that the Mother Nature will keep providing fair weather, without any overnight frost warnings or extreme early summer storms, we wanted to share with you some great photos from early in the cherry season until today. It’s a great way to see the exactly where the cherries are grown that go into making great tasting and antioxidant-rich cherry products including tart cherry juice, dried cherries, cherry salsa and more. The first set of photos is right after the buds on the trees exploded into the beautiful, white cherry blossoms. This is a great time of the year to enjoy a relaxing stroll through the orchards. The birds are enjoying the warm weather and the bees are starting the pollinate the blossoms Walking through the cherry orchard during this time of the year entertains every sense. Enjoying the sweet aroma of the blossoms on the trees, to watching individual pedals gently floating the wind. It’s also a time you’ll begin to realize the cherry harvest is right around the corner. There’s something magical in the fact that the cherry blossom morphs into an individual cherry. Photos of new tart cherries on the trees: cherry_orchard_u_pick Michigan U-Pick Cherries Michigan U-Pick Cherry Orchards U-Pick Cherries Once the blossom area becomes a cherry, the individual tart cherries are first in green color, as you can see from the set of photos below. They are easy to miss sense they blend into the leaves. Check out these great shots of some of the rows of newly formed Montmorency tart cherries. Once the cherries go from green to red, I’ll post some more photos so you can see the transformation every cherry enjoys.
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