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Jan 30
Since the post about the cold weather yesterday, we have received several calls about the weather and how it affects the cherry orchards. During these conversations the subject always seemed to turn to a more optimistic weather and coming spring months. I put together a video showing how the cherries are actually grown. Check out this video below: Also, here is the text from the video to read through, too. Did you know cherries come a number of different varieties. There are fresh cherries, frozen cherries and even cherry juice you can drink. Best of all, these different varieties offer great taste and great health benefits. But where to cherries come from? That is a great question and did you know that over 65% of all tart cherries are grown in the Northwest corner of Michigan. This little piece of Michigan is known as the cherry capital of the world and it is the Crown jewel of the cherry growing around the world. Cherries are grown every year on the tree in northern Michigan and several other states across our great nation. Cherry trees are grown in sandy soil that allows the water to be drained away from the cherry trees. Cherry trees start to grow cherries four to five years after they are planted. It’s during this time the trees are closely cared for by the farmers. This daily shepards of these cherry trees cuts off any damaged branches. This helps to keep the cherry tree health and ready to grow cherries every year. It’s the warm spring weather that first brings out the pretty white flowers called blossoms. Each of these blossoms turn into a cherry. The cherry tree grows a lot of cherries. The average cherry tree has about 7000 blossoms on it and this means each cherry grows about 7,000 cherries. So what is the secret to growing great cherries? One secret is the farmers use bees. Bees help the cherries grow. Many orchards even have their own bee hives. As the bees move around the orchard, they pollen the blossoms and soon the cherry begins to grow from the blossoms. It takes about two months for the blossoms to grow into cherries. After the cherries bloom in the orchards are soon harvested by the farmers and turned in the many great tasting and healthy products. Some of the most popular cherry products are fresh cherries to enjoy and tart cherry juice concentrate to drink daily. To order cherry juice or learn more about the natural benefits of cherry juice visit Traverse Bay Farms at www.TraverseBayFarms.com or call toll-free 1-877-746-7477

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