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100% Tart Cherry Juice

100% Pure Cherry Juice is what you will enjoy when you drink Fruit Advantage 100% tart cherry juice. That’s right, if you’re looking to enjoy a totally pure glass of tart cherry juice, you can get it with Traverse Bay Farms.

#1: How can you make a glass of 100 percent tart cherry juice?

You see, we started Traverse Bay Farms in 2001. Since we opened our doors and started sharing the great taste of all natural cherry, our customers have enjoyed the pain-relieving benefits of tart cherry juice. Over the years, we get a lot of questions asking how can we offer 100% pure tart cherry juice.

In this article, we’ll share our secret for offering unsweetened cherry juice. Also, if you want to know "How much cherry juice to drink before bed?", check out this article.

#2: Is cherry juice good for you?

Cherry Juice Good for YouThe answer is yes! Not only is 100% cherry juice a tasty drink, it is packed full of natural health benefits.

Did you know one ounce of pure tart cherry juice concentrate delivers 12,000 ORAC units? So let’s take a closer look at what that ORAC units in cherry juice really means.

A few years ago, Brunswick Laboratories in Wareham, MA did a study on four different Montmorency tart cherry products. Here are the results of the cherry juice ORAC units per 100 grams of each tart cherry product.

The pure tart cherry juice concentrate delivers over twice the amount of dried tart cherries. Unsweetened cherry juice concentrate is the first step on making a glass of 100 percent tart cherry juice. Learn about Michigan Cherries

The higher the ORAC units, the better a food is able to help your body to fight the negative effects of free-radicals on the cells of your body.


#3: How to make a glass of 100 percent tart cherry juice

The first step to making a glass of 100% pure, unsweetened cherry juice is to mix 1-ounce (two tablespoons) of unsweetened cherry concentrate with 8-ounces of water. The ratio will make a glass of 100 pure tart cherry juice.

Once you make this fruit juice, you’ll be drinking a glass of 100 pure cherry juice. Best of all, there is no added sugar to our Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate. If you’re looking to limit your sugar intake, drinking unsweetened tart cherry juice is the way to go.

Check out the complete step-by-step video fully showing how to make a glass of 100% pure tart cherry juice. You will also see in the video a great example of sediment-free cherry juice concentrate. You will be able to read in the next section why sediment is so important when buy cherry juice.

#4: How to Buy Pure Cherry Juice

Here are some things to look for when buying natural 100 percent tart cherry juice.

  • Look for unsweetened tart cherry juice

Some brands mix tart cherry juice with other juices or add additional ingredients. Not only does this give the final fruit juice a mixed flavor profile, but more often than not is it raises the amount of sugar, too.

While all fruit has natural sugar, called fructose, 1-ounce of Fruit Advantage unsweetened 100 percent tart cherry juice has only 15 grams of sugar per serving. It is a great way to limit your sugar intake while enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

  • Look for a sediment-free guarantee

We offer the cherry industries only sediment-free cherry juice. This means you won’t have any buildup of thick residue on the bottom of the bottle. With Fruit Advantage 100% pure tart cherry juice, you are drinking pure cherry juice and cherry sedimentation.

Sedimentation may occur for a number of different reasons including:

  • Using older or out-dated cherry juice concentrate
  • A poor bottling process to produce the final product
  • Using poor or inadequate packing material when shipping the product
  • Not properly bottling the product into the bottle itself
  • Inadequate storage of the final product after production, but before it is shipped to the customer.

  • Glass bottle tart cherry juice

When drinking 100 percent tart cherry juice, buy cherry juice in glass bottles. The reason glass bottles are important is due to something called “plastic leaching”. Plastic leaching is well-known in the food industry. Leaching occurs when food is packed in plastic bottles. Over time, the food actually begins to “pull” or “leach” the plastic molecules from the plastic bottle directly into the food.

When buying 100% tart cherry juice look for glass bottle tart cherry juice and you won’t have to worry about drinking plastic molecules. This is the best way to drink all-natural cherry juice.

One additional benefit of glass bottle cherry juice is the glassed used to bottle the pure cherry juice is Non-Toxic and BPA, BPS and DEHP Free.

Learn more on what to look for when buying pure tart cherry juice

#5: Look for Cherry Juice Nutritional Information

When buying pure cherry juice, look for the cherry juice ingredient information. Not only does this information provide you with important information, this is the part of the label that also indicates if other ingredients are mixed in. If other fruit juices are listed, you may not be getting pure cherry juice. The cherry juice nutritional information is simple and provides an excellent at-a-glance of what you are drinking.

Check out the cherry juice nutritional information, that is printed on the label for Fruit Advantage 100% pure cherry juice concentrate:



#6: Montmorency Cherry Juice

Since we started Traverse Bay Farms in 2001, a number of studies have been published in the benefits of cherries and the health benefits of cherry juice. While other types of cherry juice products including:

  • Black Cherry Juice
  • Sweet Cherry Juice

The majorities of the study you read about the benefits of cherry juice and tart cherries have been conducted using the Montmorency cherry juice. This is not to say that studies have been published using other types of cherries, but the majority of published studies have used the Montmorency cherry juice as the variety used.

This is important because when your looking for the pure cherry juice to buy, look for products that list Montmorency Cherry Juice on the label. As you can read from the above label, the Fruit Advantage pure cherry juice concentrate lists Montmorency cherry juice.

#7: Natural Cherry Juice Concentrate

The best thing about the Fruit Advantage 100% cherry juice is it is all natural. We’ve additional nothing. With each glass, you’ll be enjoying “Nothing but pure cherry juice”. We haven’t mixed our sour cherry concentrate with any other fruit or other ingredients.

So you never have to worry if you’re getting an all-natural fruit juice drink.

#8: Cherry Juice Not from Concentrate

There are basically two types of pure cherry juice choices available to select from.

These include:

  • Cherry Juice not from concentrate
  • 100% tart cherry juice concentrate

The Fruit Advantage pure cherry juice is easily made at home and you can get a glass of 100 percent cherry juice within minutes by simply adding water.

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