The Superfood Wild Blueberries

The Superfood - Wild Blueberries

Do some foods have special powers? Yes, according to Vegetarian Times writer Mark Harris. In the magazine's January 2005 issue, Harris names blueberries, spinach, tea, tomatoes, broccoli, soy and oats as the seven superfoods...

Thanks to their powerful health benefits - and their super-low calorie counts - these seven foods can help maintain a healthy lifestyle and subtract pounds. In fact, says Harris, just rotating one "superfoods" dish into your daily diet will make a dramatic difference. Harris explores the science behind the health benefits of this elite group in his article entitled, "Diet 2005: The 7 Superfoods."

Blueberries, says Harris, help maintain healthy brain function. In laboratory studies conducted by researcher James Joseph, Ph.D., older rats fed a diet of blueberries not only navigated mazes faster, they also had better balance and coordination - skills regulated by the brain. The research continues in an effort to determine whether blueberries help maintain healthy brain function.

Citing USDA studies that rank blueberries number one in antioxidants, Harris points to their high concentration of anthocyanins - potent antioxidants.

How many blueberries should you eat? Harris suggests following the lead of researcher Dr. Joseph who "downs one cup of blueberries daily."

To help readers improve their diets, Vegetarian Times included a number of recipes using the seven superfoods.

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