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Tart Cherry Extract

Tart Cherry Extract

Tart cherry extract is made from the sour cherry. It is made by using IQF (Individually Quick Frozen Cherries). The frozen cherries have been depitted and destemmed. This ensure only the skin, pulp and juice of the fruit is used to make the tart cherry extract.

Specialized production machines are used to first thaw the frozen cherries. Once these sour cherries are thawed, they can processed using low temperature and low heat. We process is call FruiTraction. This specialized process created a powdered version of the frozen cherries. The benefit of tart cherry extract is it contains the whole sour cherry, minus the pit and the stem. Once the tart cherry extract is produced it is available in either in pouch available as tart cherry powder or in tart cherry capsules.

Variety of Tart Cherry:

There are over 250 different varieties of sour cherries grown throughout the globe. However, only a few of the sour cherry variety are commercially available. The most popular variety is the Montmorency tart cherry. This variety of sour cherry is grown in several states across the United States. These states include Washington, Wisconsin, Utah, New York and Michigan. In fact, the Traverse Bay Farms region of Michigan grows over 60% of all of the tart cherries grown in America.

This region of Michigan is well-known to have countless U-pick cherries, cherry festivals and a number of other cherry-related events.

Benefits of Tart Cherry Extract:

Published research indicates sour cherries have powerful anti inflammatory properties to help reduce sore muscles, reduce joint pain naturally and helps to aid in sleep.

Tart Cherry Sleep Aid:

Research shows that tart cherry extract is a natural source of melatonin. Melatonin is produced in the pineal gland located at the base of the brain. Melatonin production increases as the sun goes down and decreases when the sun rises. Tart cherry extract aids in insomnia. You see, when compared to other cherry products, including tart cherry juice concentrate and dried cherries, cherry extract delivers more naturally occurring melatonin. This means if you’re looking for tart cherries insomnia benefits, consider taking tart cherry extract. Regulate sleep may be one of the natural benefits of tart cherry extract.

Check out the comparison between the different types of tart cherry supplements:

Tart Cherry Products and Melatonin:


Cherry Products

Melatonin Levels

Fresh Tart Cherries: 

Up to 13.5 nanograms (ng) of Melatonin per gram

Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate:

Has up to 10 times more the Melatonin per gram when compared to the raw fruit.

Tart Cherry Powder

137+ ng per gram

* Result conducted by Dr. Russell Reiter - *Cherry powder is used to make tart cherry capsules

Melatonin and tart cherries is vital to enjoying a healthy night's sleep.


Cherry Extract and Sore Muscles

No matter if you’re a weekend warrior or simply enjoying an active lifestyle, keeping soreness down is vital. Tart cherry extract supplements help to reduce muscle soreness. Studies show participants in clinical studies enjoyed faster recovery, improving agility and less soreness after drinking tart cherry juice. In addition, taking a tart cherry supplement before and after exercise may help to increase performance while reducing sore muscles. Cherry extract can help with intensive exercise recovery or simply enjoying a walk on the beach.

Tart Cherries Osteoarthritis

Studies have been published on the how the benefits of osteoarthritis tart cherries. In fact, research was published showing how study participants drinking a sour cherry blend twice a daily for 6 weeks. Another study found those who enjoyed a tart cherry daily routine, they experience less pain.

Tart Cherry Extract Arthritis

Arthritis is a joint symptom that affects over 54 million people and that number is growing. The number of people who is expected to suffer from arthritis will reach over 77 million by 2040. This is a huge issue that needs to be addressed. Many people are looking for natural arthritis remedies including tart cherry extract.

A 2007 study, using cherry pills, was shown to improved stiffness and joint pain. The study was conducted on 20 patients. Each of the participants took one cherry capsules for a total of eight days. Those who took the cherry pill, not the placebo, reported less pain, improved mobility and function.

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