Natural Kidney Stones Guide Combo - Instant Downloadable Book (50+ pages) + Audio Book (Over 90 minutes)

Natural Kidney Stones Guide Combo - Instant Downloadable Book (50+ pages) + Audio Book (Over 90 minutes) - traversebayfarms

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Natural Kidney Stones Guide Combo - Instant Downloadable Book (50+ pages) + Audio Book (Over 90 minutes)

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The kidney is one of the key organs of human body that helps in the process of removing waste products away from the body by way of urine. Sometimes, the...

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The kidney is one of the key organs of human body that helps in the process of removing waste products away from the body by way of urine. Sometimes, the waste products are not dissolved and they remain in solid form in the kidney. Such crystals or lumps of waste products are referred to as Kidney stones. The size of the kidney stone varies from small, medium to large. The stones found in the kidney are either brown or yellow in color. Some stones may be smooth and brittle while some of them are hard. 

Kidney stones sometimes may block the urinary track and thereby cause pain while passing urine. This has been one of the disorders present in human beings for centuries. As years pass by, the number of people suffering from this problem of kidney stones has shown a steady increase. This situation has been aggravated in the last decade due to wrong food habits.

The problem of kidney stones is common in adults rather than children. The most common type of kidney stone found in the human body contains calcium. Therefore, some changes in the intake of diet and fluid consumption will help dissolve these stone. Some types of kidney stones would dissolve without any treatment if you just focus on increasing your intake of water per day. However, complicated and stubborn stones must be removed through proper medication or surgery. 

The human body is structured in such a way that the urinary system is highly dependent on the digestive system. The Kidneys process the waste materials passed on from the digestive system. Any minor problem in the digestive system like diarrhea or constipation could trigger off the formation of kidney stone.Hence, the medical experts always insist that we need to be aware of what we eat and we drink, as a small change in that may go a long way .

You'll receive both an instant downloadable book and the audio file. You can listen to the audio of this book from your computer, your mobile phone and even in your car. You'll receive both the instant downloadable PDF file and the mp3 (audio file). The link to download the audio file will be found on the first page of the book.

Download your copy of both the PDF (50+ pages) and mp3 (90+ minutes of audio) of Natural Stones Guide with Treatment and Prevention Tips 

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