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5 Things You Can Do With Banana Peels

Five Things You Can Do with Banana Peels. Bananas are the top selling fruit in America and we as a nation eat a whopping 3.2 million pounds of bananas a year. According to Sustainable America this mean over 300 bananas are consumed every second somewhere in the United States. While this means a lot people are enjoying the natural health benefits of bananas like lowering blood pressure, improving your health and promoting digestive health. However, once the banana itself is consumes, many simply toss the banana peel in the trash. So I wanted to share some creative ways to reuse the peel of this tasty fruit.    

To Soothe a Minor Itch

Simply rub the banana peel on the rash area, after an insect bite and even to help relieve the itch of poison ivy.

Tenderize Meat

A banana peel will help to keep the meat moisture and tender while cooking. Toss in a wash banana peel into the pan the next time you make a roast or meat loaf.

Add to Your Compost Container

Instead of throwing them in the trash can, place them in your compost container. They provide nutrients and break down quickly.

Banana Vinaigrette Salad

While I was attending college a friend of mine’s grandmother made the best banana vinaigrette salad. Although I have since lost contact with her after college, I still remember sitting down with dinner at her grandmother’s house and enjoying a banana Vinaigrette salad. It was the most unique and excellent combination of flavors. Here is a link to a recipe that is also tasty. Banana Vinaigrette Salad

Add the Peels to a Smoothie Additive

Boil the pieces for 12 minutes and use a blender or juicer. Once it is juiced or blended add to your favorite smoothie for extra antioxidants. I enjoy this drink once or twice a week and first learned about it college.
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